CSS Tips Tools And Techniques For Cross Browser Issues

15+ techniques and tools for cross browser CSS coding

Making your website compatible with a wide range of browsers is probably the hardest task of a front-end developer. To make your coder life easier, here is 15+ tools and techniques for crossbrowser CSS development.

7 Awesome Resources to Test Cross Browser Compatibility of Your Website

When there are many browsers available for the users to surf the internet, it becomes evident for you to check the Cross Browser Compatibility of your website. Different people use different operating systems and browsers and you cannot control their wish to surf your website on one particular browser, just because your website does not look well on it. Though among many available browsers, Mozilla and I.E are the most used browsers around the world.

Cross Browser CSS Fixes, Tools, and Hacks

As designers and developers we are all responsible for the product we produce, and cross browser testing is a must in our line of work. Although the W3C statistics show about 7 browsers that people tend to use most, in my opinion, two of them are the most important and should be given special attention to perfecting (Firefox and Internet Explorer).

10 Helpful Resources for Cross Browser Testing

Every web designer knows that browser differences can create plenty of headaches. Finding and fixing problems can be difficult if you’re not equipped with the right tools. In this post we’ll take a brief look at 10 of the leading resources for making your browser testing less time consuming and more productive.

Solutions to CSS Browser Bugs and Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform CSS Issues

Browser bugs with CSS can be an incredible source of frustration for Web designers and developers. The Solutions to CSS-Related Browser Bugs, CSS Bug Fixes, and Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform Issues section below includes links to articles, tutorials, and resources to help you find CSS bug fixes (solutions to CSS bugs and browser rendering differences), CSS workarounds, hacks, and how to create cross-browser, cross-platform CSS - Cascading Style Sheets.