135 Amazing Vectors In Web Design

50 Insanely Good Vector-based Web Designs

Implementing bright and crisp vector graphics into your web designs can really add some visual kick. This collection of 50 insanely good vector-based web designs showcases the best examples of vector use including landscapes illustrations, abstract collages and character/mascot designs.

Vectors In Web Design

Using Vectors for Header Design + 38 Websites with Vectorized or Illustrated Headers

Vector-based headers are especially desirable for their ability to scale without losing image quality. If a certain item within the header, such as a character or other motif, is requested to be changed at a later date, or the client wants similar work produced for a different application, the original graphics can easily be modified without any aesthetic sacrifice. As digital design programs become more adept at handling vector graphics, the possibilities for smooth and limitlessly scalable headers is growing. With this growth, it’s likely that the web will become even more visually appealing and that designers will fall even harder for the fun and thrill of header design.

30 Great Examples of Using Vectors in Web Design

Using vector elements within your website design can show it off a little bit more, and make it that tad more eye-catching. In this collection I have included many different websites with abstract vector backgrounds, funky illustrations and site mascots. Vector elements within design is becoming more and more popular on the web. For this showcase I have picked a selection of the best websites who adopt this style. Thank you to Nick La (icondock) for the title image.

Web Design trends: 17 excellent and creative vector website

We really love illustrated elements in web design, especially those that use vector objects. Drawing landscapes, a grassy footer and a beatiful sky, is getting day by day more common. Here we present a nice collection of 17 sites that demonstrated excellent use of vector illustration. Freehand, Illustrator or Fireworks are the tools we prefer, illustrators are webdesigner tool