150+ Volcano Photography : The Angry Mountain

40 Breathtaking and Incredible Volcano Photographs

This post showcases 40 breathtaking volcano photographs, captured by a handful of talented photographers who braved the power of the volcano to show them to the world. Featuring photographs from the Associated Press, NASA, the USGS, and freelance photographers, this collection will leave you stunned.

Volcano Photography

Eyjafjallajokull Natural Disaster: 13 Jaw Dropping Volcano Photography

Well, this post is totally inspired by the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano (pronounced AY-uh-full-ay-ho-kul) that brought chaos to Europe, paralyzing air communication and keeping millions of people trapped in the airports the last few days.Photographers had gotten far closer to active volcanoes, sharks, edge of giant rocks and many magnificent places across the world. Today we would like to showcase 13 Jaw Dropping Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Photography, you won’t even wish you were there.

50 Most Dangerous & Unforgettable Volcano Photographs

We are with “Most Dangerous & Unforgettable Volcano Photographs” where you can see how beautifully and artistically the Photographers has captured these photographs. Here it will not be wrong to say that everyone is helpless before God and no one has the power to stay against him, wether it is the super power of the world.

25 Amazing But Scary Photos Of Volcano In Iceland

The volcano in Iceland (Eyjafjallajökull) erupted a week ago and it was a real risk for all of us.Especially in Europe,the air traffic almost stopped and caused big problems for the airways.Anyway,many professional photographers took unbelievable photos during the eruption and show us how strong the nature is.Today i want to showcase some of these photos.For me, the scary part is the ravages of this eruption and at the end of this post you can see these photos.

Amazing photos of Undersea Volcanic Eruption

There are some amazing photos of Undersea Volcanic Eruption happened off the coast of Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean. The eruption so far has sent plumes of steam, ash and smoke up to 100 meters into the air. The photos presented here were taken by Dana Stephenson/Getty Images.

Beautiful Pictures of Volcanos

We've seen these past few days the mega eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajökull that has caused big trouble all over Europe. We thought it would be nice to check the other side of these magnificient moments: the beauty of a volcano!