200+ Large Backgrounds In Website Design

80 Large Background Websites

As the monitor resolution and internet speed is advancing, it seems like more and more designers use over-sized photo or illustrated image as the website’s background. Large background image can create the stunning visual effect, especially for high resolution monitors. It can also add more life to your site design compared to the traditional tiled background graphic. Here is a collection of 80 websites that used large image as the site background (must-see, you won’t be disappointed).

Large Backgrounds

Showcase of Big Backgrounds in Web Design

Large Background In Website Design - Websites using large background images are consistently increasing in popularity. This post is a showcase of more than 30 websites using large background images. As you will see from the websites that are featured here, there are any number of different approaches and possibilities that can be used to create an impact with a background image.

32 Examples Website with Large Background Image

Hi, many of designer predicted one of the trends of web design in 2010 is using a big background image but who know, we’ll see. In while why not we can make the concept even trend or not, there are other the more important point in designing a website than follow the trends. Usefull, informative, on target, productive, etc.Below, I have collected some example of website was using large background image what I got while I’m looking for some inspiration and idea and now I want to share you which maybe also will inspiring you.They are inspiring me for my next project with the concept is using large image for the background. And if you have some resource and idea about this, may you can share to us.

70 beautiful websites with a large background

70 beautiful websites with a large background