250 Marvellous Comic Book Cover illustrations

31 Incredible Comic Book Cover Art Samples

Comic books are close to many of us designers’ hearts, since these are likely our first encounters to the amazing world of art. These days, they continue to become even more sophisticated and expressive from when we first experienced them as kids.So to keep your inspiration going, I’ve collected a series of breathtaking comic book cover designs, both past and present. I hope they remind us all of that rush of exhilaration when we bought our first, freshly printed comic book, and motivate us to inspire the same feelings in others through our own works of design. Enjoy!

Comic Book Cover illustrations

Showcase Of Brilliant Comic Book Cover Art

In this inspirational installment, we look at some of the wonderful works over the years that have graced the covers of comics — art that has delighted and dazzled fans and non-fans alike from shelves and displays across the globe, the kind of works that tempt those not usually taken by this genre to give it another look or to pick up a book for the first time. We feel these impressive feats that draw this kind of attention and inspire this kind of adoration deserve a showcase, so we proudly present examples of brilliant comic book cover art!

Comic Book Cover Art

The Top 50 Marvel Comics Covers of 2006

Although 2006 is beginning to wind down, we here at IGN Comics are just getting started. With the end of the year approaching, it's always nice to reflect on what has come in the past 12 months. With the December solicits hitting earlier in the week, we thought it would be appropriate to pick out some fantastic art. We separated Marvel and DC to avoid fanboy tendencies, and tried to pick out the 50 best pieces of cover art that we could. Trust us, it was no easy task.

The Top 20 Coolest Comic Covers

Drawn by Ron Garney, Spider-Man is back in black – ready for the "black Spider-Man" movie. A while back Peter Parker escaped the black alien costume for good because it turned his body into another creature. (Now, arch-enemy Venom has taken the turn to wear the alien.) Admittedly, the colorizing of this cover is much too dark and as it often happens, the computer blurs are drowning the ink, but a preview artwork Marvel released shows how good this could've been:

black spiderman

100 Amazing Comic Covers From The Last Ten Years

It's not just been a great decade for comics, it's been a great decade for comics covers as they've experimented with style and design and made stars out of artists like James Jean and Dave Johnson. Want proof? Click through.Here're 100 of our favorite comic covers from the last decade. We tried to hide our biases slightly by only allowing one pick per series (Otherwise, you'd get a Fables and 100 Bullets gallery, most likely), and limited our choices to books that fall squarely into io9's wheelhouse (Thereby missing such great covers as Ryan Kelly and Brian Wood's Local, many things from DC's Minx line or Jock's Losers covers), but if you're still not getting a visual feast from everything below, we advise you to go and see a specialist immediately.

funny hulk