Beautiful Web Designs With Jquery

24 Clever Website Designs That Combine jQuery and Illustration

jQuery And Web Design - Thanks to the might of JavaScript, the words “dynamic” and “illustration” no longer apply exclusively to Flash-based websites.Now that dynamic HTML is a reality in most commonly used browsers and that a lot of fancy JavaScript libraries exist to make using it easy, CSS websites can take back some of the street cred held so tightly by Flash.Of these new JavaScript libraries, jQuery has become one of the most widely adopted because of its ease of use, breadth of features and initial focus on visual uniqueness.Here are 24 clever examples of website designs using jQuery and Illustration.

10 Cool Websites with Amazing jQuery Effects

jQuery framework is getting really hot nowadays. A lot of websites have started to use it as the javascript framework. For myself, I too stick with jQuery because it has a really good documentation, a lot of tutorials out there (I have written heaps of them as well :) ), heaps of plugins available and most importantly it's pretty stable and supported by most modern browsers.Before jQuery, I hated javascript, but now, jQuery has changed thing around, it has changed the way we code javascript and make it really easy and enjoyable! Alright, too much of compliments (by the way, noone pays me to say that).Alright, it's time to show you something cool. Check out the following websites, they all are using pretty amazing animation and intensive javascript effects!

25 Beautiful Websites That Use jQuery

Among the major benefits jQuery delivers is the ability to add motion effects and interactive features that don’t require a web page reloading. Besides, it’s much easier and faster to learn and in many cases it can be a decent alternative to Flash templates. No doubt, Flash has a way more extensive list of features, which makes it a preferable option for creating some complex multimedia, audio/video players, animation and 3D. However, when it comes to designing some particular website elements, like slideshows, drop down menus, validation forms, popups/tooltips, expandable elements, etc, jQuery can be a more effective and time-saving solution.

A gallery showcasing awesome sites built with jQuery