Creative Examples Of Annual Report Design

Inspiration: Top 25 Annual Report Designs

Annual Reports are usually boring printed numbers to show where a company stands. In this series we take a closer look at good designed annual reports, which can improve a professional approach and staying ahead of your competition.

Annual Report Design Samples For Inspiration

I am currently working on an annual report design project. So I was out looking for some design inspirations online when I stumbled upon these beautiful annual report designs. I picked mostly the recent annual reports (that means, 2007 or 2008 annual reports) so we could see the trends and what other designers have been using in their designs. Although there are some exceptions,I can’t resist the temptation of putting these annual reports in this list because they just look really awesome even if they are five years old or so already.

Best Annual Reports Designs

Take a look at these amazing Annual Reports. These are the best of the best annual reports…at least of what I could find. Feel free to comment on more annual reports that I might have missed. Enjoy.