200+ Cool Creative & Unbelievable Lego Arts

35 Lego Mega Constructions You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Before

It’s pretty amazing how piles of colorful plastic bricks can build wonders when they are attached together. Lego was first introduced by Lego Group in 1949 and have been everyone’s favorite ever since.

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21 Amazing Movie Posters Recreated with Lego

There is seemingly no end to Lego creativity. Models, stop motion movies, amazing ads and art recreation…And now, even movie posters are being recreated with that unique-tongue-in-cheek style you can only get with lego bricks and minifigs. If you love movies and you love Lego, you will love these posters.

Amazing Movie Posters Recreated with Lego

30 Superb Lego Sculptures

Great sculpture never fails to impress me. As more of a 2d artist I can’t help but admire the skill and dedication of sculpters. The other day I came across some incredible lego sculptures, which inspired me to write a post on the subject.Lego sculptures are particularly impressive, as they are generally built from the ground up, and therefore each stage of the build must set a perfect foundation for what is to come. There is very little (if any) room for error, and so the artist must be incredibly precise and careful in their work.

Superb Lego Sculptures

17 Gadgets Inspired by LEGO Bricks

Inspiration: 35 amazing pieces of Lego art

35 amazing pieces of Lego art

Stunning Lego Creations

Lego is a world mania for sure. From kids to adults, it is the toy of choice to thousands, probably millions of people world wide. And when it comes to cool creations, we find awesome stuff really easy.

Stunning Lego Creation

Cool Conference Room Table Made of LEGO

Designers at Abgc had created this cool Lego blocks conference room table for advertising agency Boys and Girls. “The table consists of 22,742 pieces clicked together with traditional lego construction techniques, a 136mm grommet is located in its centre. It sits on a polished Stainless Steel square hollow section structure built by B.A. Engineering of Prussia St and is topped with a 10mm sheet of toughened glass manufactured by Action Glass.” Continue reading for more images and Video.

Cool Conference Room Table Made of LEGO

11 LEGO Recreations Of The World’s Most Famous Photos

The recreation of events have been achieved in many media formats from photographs to movies but in this post, Designussion showcases something a little different. The following images are recreations of some of the worlds most famous photos in LEGO. Enjoy.

maradona lego

30 Classic Music Albums Recreated With Lego

Its the turn of musical album covers to get a Lego make-over, you will find album covers of Nirvana, Oasis, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Iron Maiden… and many more. Yep, its official, there really is nothing that can not be created with Lego.

Classic Music Albums Recreated With Lego