20 Creative Chair Concept Designs

These are really creative chair designs that will amaze you, or at least giving you some new bright ideas in chair design.

T Chair by Gabriel Canas

T Chair is an innovative piece of furniture, inspired by the famous 80`s puzzle videogame and also by Deconstructivist architecture.

T Chair

Twist Chair by Miray Oktem

While we are studying intensively, we rarely use the backrest of the chair. We mostly lean on the table with our arms and elbows. The twist chair supports the body where the traditional task chairs do not to offer a new way of sitting.The twist chair supports the body in upper chest and the forehead where the shape of the human body does not alter from people to people.The seat extends towards the support to create a saddle like shape that transforms into a seat while sitting in a lower angle.

Twist Chair

Rocking Wheel Chair by Mathias Koehler

Rocking Wheel Chair

CUBE chair by Svilen Gamolov

CUBE chair

Rockin by supernatural

Rockin by supernatural

Elliptical Chair by Rodrigo Bragafrança

The Elliptica Chair was created to reflect an irreverent personality and trasmit the wit of this newly upbrought generation raised in a society marked by infinite possibilities. It was designed for people all over the world who seek to change a tough reality through a playfull attachment, searching a unique and surprising style.

Elliptical Chair

Fluid Rocker by Nick Trincia

The Fluid Rocker’s soft curves and ergonomic form make it as inviting to look at as it is to sit in. The chair’s flowing organic shape is achieved through a one piece fiber glass construction with a high-gloss finish. For added comfort and texture, a layer of soft natural felt wraps over the entire outer face of the chair. On the upper side of the chair, the felt provides added cushion for sitting, while on the underside of the chair it provides for quieter, softer rocking, and protection for your floors

Fluid Rocker by Nick Trincia

Renata Chair - Brazil Line by Baita Design

Renata Chair

Reverence coffee table - one piece by yoann henry yvon

"Reverence coffee table"( one piece concept )
are just an attractive, practical and optical illusion furniture for any space.One Piece series was born in the search for a concept based on the possibility to create something with only one panel...

Reverence coffee table

Roots Chair by Yuliyan Mikov

Roots Chair

arms chair by oleksander shestakovych

arms chair is always ready to welcome you in its embrace )

arms chair

Regaliz Chairs by Rafael Fernández

Regaliz is a seat typology thought from the idea of imitating a liquorice candy in its spiral shape and in it´s colours. It´s presented in three different ways. One seat for the office, one for home and, finally a pub stool.

Regaliz Chairs

Monstrotypes by Tricky

Monstrotypes Chair

Ugo - an aid for children with Cerebral Palsy by Roberto Reyes

Cerebral Palsy is a disease which limits the childs control over his muscles. Therefore they have special needs regarding support and correcting the posture of their body. Ugo gives the child freedom to move around; by facilitating the movements that children with CP are not able to do on their own it also contributes to the childs development as an independent person.
Ugo has an integrated motor to help the child changing heights while seated, from up to a kitchen table to a comfortable walking height and down to the floor, where the child is able to play or exit and enter the chair without assistance. It is operated with a wireless remote control.

Ugo - an aid for children with Cerebral Palsy

GADGET CHAIR - concept design by Jamie Martin

Fundamental to the chair's design is comfort and ergonomics. A supportive leather-upholstered chair forms the basis to the experience. Housed underneath the red exterior lies a wealth of technology, including heating elements, miniature cooling fans, adjustable lumbar support (controlled via a screen-controlled GUI) and a soothing back massage feature. The main function of the chair it to create an immersive experience; to place you in a zone far away from the outside world. It achieves this through a number of technological features


Expansive Chair by Dinard da Mata

Expansive Chair

Untitled Chair by Alessandro Bêda

I don't know if this concept is doable. :-)
I'll work in a prototype during the summer. It will be necessary 100 gas shock absorbers.
The measurements of the chair are exactly the same of the LC2 Petit Comfort by Le Corbusier.

Untitled Chair

Versus - 2 in 1 chair & work station by Baita Design

A workstation is sure to enhance your performance at work, but what if you dont have adequate space to place a regular workstation at your workplace or home or home office?Then you possibly would like this 2 in 1 chair & workstation.
This multifunctional furniture unit is essentially a flexible chair that flips into a workstation for compact spaces.

2 in 1 chair

The "PacM" chair by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo

ThePacM chair fells just like that...inspired in the round lines of tha old game, send shivers to all of us that once played arcades.

The PacM chair

bar stool by lucian popescu

bar stool by lucian popescu