Image Manipulation Using Photoshop : 26 Amazing Tutorials

Image Manipulation Using Photoshop - Here are some Photoshop tutorials that focus on the image manipulation and creating digital art effects on the photos.

Make a TRON-Inspired Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

The techniques in this tutorial use different transform tools, filters and adjustment layers to give phenomenal results. Great lighting techniques and atmospheric effects will also be demonstrated in this tutorial.

Create an Adrenaline Filled Car Chase Scene

If you’ve spent much time looking through stock photography websites, you probably already know that it isn’t easy to find a perfect photo for any given project; and if there is, you will probably spend more time than its worth tracking it down. That’s why you will often need to create your own composite image to make a photo work. In today’s tutorial we are going to use many techniques to turn several stock photos into an action packed car chase scene with explosions and weapons fire.

Create a Vibrant Conceptual Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a unique digital art piece that easily can be used for high-quality printing purposes. There is water, balloons, fish, vegetation, a gloomy passage and a fashion nerd — this can not be nothing but awesome together!

Create a Surreal Sci-Fi Movie Poster with Photoshop CS5

Posters play a vital role in marketing and publicizing a movie or an event. In this Photoshop graphic design tutorial, we will be designing a science fiction (sci-fi) inspired movie poster while exploring–and taking advantage of–a few new features in Adobe Photoshop CS5 that will not only save us time, but will also give us awesomely stunning results.

Make a Divinely Dark Zen Composition in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will photo manipulate different photos, textures and organic elements to produce a mysterious Zen-inspired composition. We will produce a dominantly monochromatic piece that we will then sprinkle with hints of color to bring our work into another level. We will explore the use of the Color Range command, image adjustments, warping and blurring to give a sense of motion and depth, and much more.

Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create this intense photo manipulation with Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to manipulate stock photos and turn them into this dark and surreal scene. A PSD is included with this tutorial.

Create a Dark and Rainy Crime Scene in Photoshop

We can all imagine what a dark and rainy crime scene looks like. We have all scene them in television and movies. Today, we will learn how to use different tools and techniques to create a scene of our own in Photoshop.

Creating the Eerie Photo-Manipulation ‘Captive’

Learn how to create an eerie photo-manipulation using some great blending options, lighting techniques and drawing techniques.

Create a Photoshop Mermaid Image Manipulation

This tutorial will show you how to create your own glorious siren, reflecting the beauty and vigor of the beast, and bringing it firmly into the present digital age.

Create an Armored Fantasy Dragon from a Jewelry Box Image

This tutorial shows the step by step process to turn a normal photo into a spectacular image, just by using creativity and some technical knowledge.

How to Create a Futuristic Sci-fi Warrior From a Stone Statue

In this tutorial, we're going to create an awesome science fiction warrior in the middle of an epic war scene! Drawing techniques were used for the warrior... Then pen tool for masking... and hard rounded brush for detailing.

Create a Surreal Floating Landscape

Learn how to create a surreal floating landscape by photo-manipulating various visual elements into a cohesive piece. You’ll work with adjustment layers, blending options and light effects.

Making a Color Wizard in Photoshop

This tutorial is maybe another proof that I’m a light and color effects freak, I like them very much. So, In this tutorial I’ll show you more light and layer styles effects. You don’t need any special brushes for this tutorial. Everything is done using a few stock images and a few techniques already used on my previous tutorials.

Making a Surreal Manipulation in Photoshop

This is not going to be a difficult tutorial, we are going to work mainly with adjustment layers. I hope you enjoy it.

Dark Halloween Manipulation Tutorial

As I announced on the newsletter here is the Halloween dedicated tutorial. It’s a medium difficulty tutorial. As you will see I used pretty much the same techniques as on my other manipulations of this kind.

Transforming the Image of a Girl into a Milk Figure

Creating a milk figure can be a great idea for an innovative milk ad campaign. The given Photoshop tutorial would brief you about the techniques to transform any image into a milk figure. All that you need to make this milk image are some photo manipulation tools, like transformation tool, burn tool, layer mask, and few stock images.

Creating a sexy mechanical pinup in Photoshop

Photoshop is great tool for combining several images into a scene that can’t always be created in real life, like an android. In this tutorial I will teach you how to manipulate body parts, create depth from missing pieces and also how to integrate gears and engines to make an sexy mechanical pinup.

The creation of The Choice, a dramatic and fantasy photo-manipulation

This tutorial is not so easy to follow for beginners, but I suggest also to them to give a look because there’s certainly something that can be learned and applied in the future projects.

Create a Street Fighter Inspired Composition in Photoshop

Creating light effects is often a pretty easy process. Giving those light effects life and making them resemble real-life objects can require a bit more skill, time, and patience.

Design a spectral photo-manipulation

We will use a couple of stock photos and modify them so they will look harmoniously combined. In particular we will deal with the burn tool, layer masks and some Photoshop filters often overlooked.

Create a Vampire Portrait in Photoshop

In today’s tutorial we will demonstrate how to use Photoshop to turn a lovely portrait into a dark, intimidating vampire.

Create a Greek Sculpture Using Stock Photography and Photoshop

In today’s tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create a Greek sculpture using several stock images. We will then discuss how to add blood, cracks, and other elements to give it texture and depth.

Combine Stock Photography to Create a Sleepy Japanese Village in Photoshop

We often talk about what an incredible tool Photoshop is to create imaginary scenes from stock photography. In today’s tutorial, we will create a sleepy Japanese village in Photoshop by combining several stock photos.

Create a Superhero Movie Inspired Photo Manipulation

We will create an exploding airplane and then we will merge our flying superhero, who I call “Super-Kid”, seamlessly into the scene. As what often happens in my tutorials, we will conclude our work by modifying color combinations and saturation with adjustment layers to create harmony among all the elements of the composition.

Serene Fantasy Photo Manipulation

This tutorial shows you how to combine different stock photos to create calm landscape manipulation. You will learn different techniques of blending, changing lights and shadows and color adjustments.

How to Create an Amazing Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to compose an image using 3D and painted elements. These techniques include setting the global light of your manipulation and adding shadow and color adjustments.