Festive Explosion of Colorful Fireworks : 25 Beautiful Photographs

Festive Explosion of Colorful Fireworks - People celebrate memorable times and holidays by gathering together and sharing their wonderful and happy emotions while watching fireworks display. These joyful moments remind people of happy times which can be felt even long after the event has passed. Photos of fireworks display may make a person feel a bit sentimental and teary, but memories and feelings of love can put a smile on one's lips.

Let`s celebrate the new year with this festive explosion of colorful fireworks against a black night sky. `Happy New Year!`

celebration by ibrahim canakci

CSS3 & HTML5 : 11 Fresh Tutorials

CSS3 & HTML5 : 11 Fresh Tutorials - With the inevitable, exponential rise in popularity of both HTML 5 and CSS3, designers can look forward to many new and exciting possibilities for their web pages, applications, and scripts. Combined, these two emerging languages provide designers with immense power over the structure and presentation of their web documents.

How to Create Social Media Buttons Using CSS3

CSS3 is truly amazing. It gives web designers the ability to create flexible and easily reusable design elements, and reduces our reliance on images and graphics editors. This is a guide shows you how to create stylish social media buttons using CSS3, HTML, and some freely available social media icons.

30 Fresh Useful & Powerful jQuery Plugins

Fresh Useful & Powerful jQuery Plugins - The `write less, do more` JavaScript library is great for rapid web development. New components, tools and applications are literally popping up on daily basis. Numerous plugins are also available to help jQuery developers. I have compiled a list of jQuery plugins that you may find really useful.

ppGallery - Elegant Lightbox Gallery Jquery Plugin

Showcase your gallery in style with ppGallery, an advanced lightbox photo gallery plugin built with the jQuery Framework. It is lightweight, unobtrusive and installs with ease. It has been tested on the latest versions of IE7, IE8, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Camino and Opera.

25 Beautiful Blue Business Cards

25 Beautiful Blue Business Cards - The choice of color is a major consideration when designing a business card. Depending on what you intend to achieve or project with your business, you should always use color psychology to your advantage. Here are 25 beautiful blue business card design examples where you can draw inspiration from.

We Shoot Cocktails

Image Manipulation Using Photoshop : 26 Amazing Tutorials

Image Manipulation Using Photoshop - Here are some Photoshop tutorials that focus on the image manipulation and creating digital art effects on the photos.

Make a TRON-Inspired Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

The techniques in this tutorial use different transform tools, filters and adjustment layers to give phenomenal results. Great lighting techniques and atmospheric effects will also be demonstrated in this tutorial.

Reflection Photography : 28 Inspiring Examples

Reflection Photography - For those looking for some reflection photography inspiration, here are a few examples to give you a little inspiration.

Reflected in the stars... by Antonio Grambone

Jolly Old Santa Claus Illustrations

Jolly Old Santa Claus Illustrations - We all have a general concept of Santa Claus. He is a fat, jolly old man who travels the world on Christmas Eve delivering presents to all the good boys and girls of the world.

Santa Daydreams by Dave Luebbert

20 Super Creative Single Page Websites

20 Super Creative Single Page Websites - Single page design is a simple and authentic way to make a website truly stand out. If you’re working with a relatively low amount of content and just a few pages, then the single-page format could be your best bet for a good-looking, simple site that’s still fully functional and engaging. Here are a few good examples of single page websites.


40 Best Free PSD Files For Web Designer & Developer

Best PSD Files For Web Designer - Best collection of graphic resource for web designer & developer include psd web element, icon, web button, navigation, etc all are free for download.

Stitched Fabric Horizontal Accordion

Amazing Macro Eye Photography

Amazing Macro Eye Photography  - Here are some beautifully taken macro photos that only focus on the eyes. This post is definitely not for those with Ommetaphobia (fear of eyes).

Love was out to get me. by Annarigby

Convert PSD To (X)HTML : 19 Best Tutorials

Convert PSD To (X)HTML - When it comes to web designing and web development, PSD to HTML conversion plays an important role. PSD to HTML is the only way through which an individual create web pages for a website and also add extra efforts to a pre-designed web layouts.

How to Convert a Slick PSD Design to XHTML/CSS

The Beauty Of Christmas Bokeh

The Beauty Of Christmas Bokeh - The Christmas holidays are a great time for photographer fun with the lights on the Christmas tree, candles, and other holiday lighting displays. Here are 28 Beautiful Christmas Bokeh Photographs that will give you some good Christmas photo ideas.

50mm HBW by Kevin Dooley

50mm HBW

25 Terrifying Post-Apocalyptic Illustrations

Post-Apocalyptic Illustrations - Post-apocalyptic science fiction describes situations in which our ability to predict and control fails catastrophically. Nature escapes our control, through world-wide plagues, collisions with asteroids, or invasions by alien species; or else we're done in by our own efforts at control, by nuclear war or human-induced ecological catastrophe.

Downfall by alexiuss

 Post-Apocalyptic Illustrations

Photoshop Text Effect : 10 Fresh Tutorials

Photoshop Text Effect - Here are some of the 10 Fresh Text Effects Tutorials which show you how to create a variety of popular text effects in Photoshop.

How to Create Candy Cane Typography with Photoshop and Illustrator

Urban Decay Photography : 25 Amazing Photographs

Urban Decay Photography - Taking pictures of urban decay can take you on an adventure into places that are little visited or have been forgotten by most people. They may be large in scale such as ruins of buildings, or something up close such broken doorknobs or corroded window frames. The following are some amazing examples that will help you make the most of urban decay photography.

To the train by limbonic

31 Of The Best Free Wordpress Themes 2010

The Best Free Wordpress Themes 2010 - I handpicked 31 Of The Best Free Wordpress Themes that i really like. They are beautiful, highly customizable and on top of all that, free. Enjoy.

Free WordPress 3.0+ Theme for Portfolios and Magazines

JournalCrunch WordPress 3.0+ theme, a theme for magazines or portfolios with an integrated journal. The theme was designed by Site5 and released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Creative Personal Portfolio Website

Creative Personal Portfolio Website - A personal portfolio website is all about promoting you. You are a brand, and your name is a brand name. No one is going to know about your brand unless you get it out there; and if you`re a web designer, developer, photographer , artist or any other type of creative, then it`s essential that you have a good portfolio website. Here, I presented you a list of 25 amazing creative personal portfolio websites, which might give you an inspiration when you are looking for ideas on your next web project.

Tomasz Panek

Sexy & Beautiful Female Digital Art : 25 Amazing Examples

Beautiful & Sexy Digital Female Art - Digital art is defined as an artistic creation produced using digital technology. Traditionally, art was considered to be painting, drawing or sculpture physically produced by the hand of the artist. The traditional definition of art has expanded beyond paintings and drawings to encompass different forms of artistic production that include digital and computer generated designs.

Today we are going to showcase some of the most beautiful & sexy female digital arts. I hope you guys will love it.

The Perfect Agent by Fernando Ferreiro Colmenares

Winter Photography : 25 Beautiful Examples

Winter Photography - Winter is a fantastic time for photography. The crowds are thin, the air is clear and the sun is low in the sky, making the good light better for longer. Here are a few great examples I’ve gathered from flickr.

Snowy Morning by Sylvain Latouche

Amazing & Hilarious Christmas Illustrations

Hilarious Christmas Illustrations - In this post i’ve rounded up some of my favorite christmas illustrations. Hopefully these will help inspire you in your own works.

Christmas card illustration by Thanos Tsilis

25 Awesome Christmas Wallpapers For iPad

Awesome Christmas Wallpapers For iPad - Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is gearing up to indulge in the fun and festivity of the happy holidays. It’s an occasion on which you can share your best wishes and gifts, and give voice to your heartfelt fondness for the loved ones. In this post we would like to share with you iPad wallpapers that will cheer you and add christmas theme to your iPad.

Christmas Volcano

Christmas Wallpapers For iPad

Wide Angle Photography : 25 Amazing Examples

Wide Angle Photography can be fun and challenging at the same time. On one hand, it’s great to pull in so much of a scene with a single shot. On the other hand, it can be difficult to produce a well composed photo at such a wide perspective. Today we have gathered an amazing collection of beautiful Wide Angle Photography.

reflections of sydney by paul dex

reflections of sydney

20 Beautiful High Quality CSS/XHTML Website Templates

Beautiful High Quality CSS/XHTML Website Templates - Thanks to all web designers and developers from all over the world who freely distributed their high-quality templates for everyone on web. In this post below, you’ll find a Amazing Collection of High Quality CSS/XHTML Website Templates because we all know that we’re going to use our website as a tool to promote our business, so we need to have a clean, professional, corporate look.

A free xHTML/CSS Template – CreativeStudio