Creative Self - Portraits Ideas : 30 Photoshopped & Un-Photoshopped Photographs

Creative Self - Portraits Ideas - I think we all have a few photos of ourselves from an outstretched arm or even with a tripod. But have you considered taking more creative approaches to a self portrait. Use these amazing examples to inspire your next one-on-one time with the camera.

Day 22: Addicted to Flickr by Laya Gerlock

Addicted to Flickr

The Best Collection Of Free Fonts 2010

In this post I mentioned The Best Collection Of Free Fonts where everyone can download excellent free fonts. Fonts plays a major part in day to day life, it is the key element in the process of web and poster designing. Different types of fonts gives a true different life to the text we type. You can use these excellent collection of fonts for web or print design. Interestingly, even the web is full of amazing and creative fonts.

Font Collection: 10 Free Bold Sans Serif Fonts

This font assemblege is comprised of sans serif fonts with tall arms and wide stems, giving them a strong and striking appearance. They are fitting in situations where the designer wants to convey modernity and make a bold impact, such as in headlines and displays that crave attention.

Surreal & Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Surreal & Fantasy Photo Manipulation - The beauty of these photographs as specified in the creation of scenes that look like they are out of this world, full exemption from any experience you may have of the real world. So to get rid of your everyday stress and worries and enjoy these amazing surreal & fantasy photo manipulations.

Halloween by Sugargrl14


Photoshopped Sequence Photos : Examples & How They Did It

Photoshopped Sequence Photos : Examples & How They Did It - A sequence photo is a series of images displaying the same object in various positions that mimic continual movement such as the throwing of a ball or the opening of a flower. Sequences are most dramatic when showing an object in motion.

This technique is amazing. It’s an amazing way of decomposing an action. As the thing you want to capture has to be in motion for the sequence photography to work, this technique is mostly used with sports.

Landing Sequence by Kaddy

Photoshopped Sequence Photos

Print Ads : 30 Creative & Funny Advertising Ideas That Make You Think & Smile

Print Ads : 30 Creative Advertising Ideas - Effective print ads provide a clear message – a reason why potential customers should buy certain goods or use certain services. Having an eye-catching, concise and punchy headline is one of the best ways to get this message across in a print ad, but in all forms of marketing, you should aim to convey one simple, focused message to achieve the greatest impact. In this post , I have collected some of the best creative adverts which could make you think & smile.

Google: Did you mean Battleship?

Tilt-Shift Photography : Examples & Tutorials

Tilt-Shift Photography : Examples & Tutorials - I’m sure you have seen some amazing tilt-shift photos – if not, tilt-shift creates an effect that turns normal sized objects or scenes into miniature-like. It is done by special tilt-shift lenses that have very limited depth of field. To start playing with this technique you need to buy a tilt-shift lens, attach to your dSLR camera and start shooting. But what if you don’t have all that expensive equipment? No worries, it’s perfectly easy with Adobe Photoshop!

by night by Oliver Botor

Tilt-Shift Photography

20 Fresh And Creative Web Designs For Inspiration

We know that as a web designer or developer, your work involves more than just working to pay the bills. We know that each day, you strive to push the boundaries of your medium, unleashing your creativity in new ways to make your websites more engaging and attractive to behold, while still maintaining cross-browser support, standards compliance, and accessibility. We're sure you will find something here to inspire you!

Germancraft Web Design

Underwater Photography : The Beauty, Mystery and Fantasy of The Underwater World

Underwater Photography : The Beauty, Mystery and Fantasy of The Underwater World - Taking photos under water is one of the most challenging branches of photography because the underwater world has such strange optical properties and is rather taxing on the photographer himself. Despite these challenges, it offers the possibility of many exciting and rare photographic opportunities. Animals such as fish and marine mammals are the most common subjects, but photographers also pursue shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, underwater "landscapes", and portraits of fellow divers.

Underwater Cave by Wes C. Skiles

10 jQuery Accordion Plugins & Tutorials

10 jQuery Accordion Plugins & Tutorials - jQuery Accordion is a really easy way to squeeze a bunch of text, images, buttons, or whatever you are using in to a smaller area.

Grid Accordion with jQuery

Accordions are a UI pattern where you click on a title (in a vertical stack of titles) and a panel of content reveals itself below. Typically, all other open panels close when the new one opens. They are a clever and engaging mechanism for packing a lot of information in a small space.

12 Striking CSS3 Typography Experiments

With the advent of CSS3, there are a variety of methods used to create interesting text effects allowing designers to exercise more creativity and produce more visually pleasing web pages. Browsers such as Safari and more recent versions of Firefox, Opera and Google chrome support the CSS3 properties used to change the appearance of text without having to create images.In this article we provide 12 Striking CSS3 Typography Experiments to get web designers started.

CSS Poster: Three Laws of Robotics

Another experiment in CSS3 techniques. This one uses lovely bits like box-shadow, border-radius, @font-face, transform, box-sizing, text-shadow, RGBa, and maybe some more stuff.

HDR Photography : Best Examples & Tutorials (Photoshop And Photomatix)

HDR Photography : Best Examples & Tutorials (Photoshop And Photomatix) - High dynamic range imaging, or HDR, is the latest challenge for those who are serious about digital photography. But with that challenge comes an opportunity to expand skills and repertoire into exciting new areas. HDR, originally developed for use with computer-generated images, captures the full range of tones in a scene, reproducing human perception down to the finest detail without lens flare, burnout, or underexposure.

Fourth on Lake Austin by Trey Ratcliff

25 Fantastic Castle Illustrations

25 Fantastic Castle Illustrations - The artist featured here have taken their craft to the next level with these inspirational images. In this inspirational post we present 25 Fantastic Castle Illustrations that will certainly inspire you.

Lightbringer by Jesse van Dijk


20 CSS3 Button Tutorials & Resources

20 Awesome CSS3 Button Tutorials & Resources - The CSS3 buttons are fantastic, they are much easier than using image sprites !!

BonBonSweet CSS3 Buttons

There was a goal: Create CSS buttons that are sexy looking, really flexible, but with the most minimalistic markup as possible.

Grand Canyon Photography : The Spectacular Beauty of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Photography : The Spectacular Beauty of the Grand Canyon - One of the most photographed subjects on earth, Grand Canyon continues to inspire awe, admiration, and frustration for those who attempt to capture its majesty with a camera.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona by landscape photography -

The strange atmosphere of the picture is due to a very late shot (sun was aready gone) with long exposure (4s).

11 Fresh Useful PSD Files For Web Designer & Developer

11 Fresh Useful PSD Files For Web Designer & Developer

4 excellent content sliders (Download PSD)

Content sliders are a great way to display textual information, graphics, popular posts, featured products in a defined area. They are generally used to pull the attention of visitors to browse through the content. In this post, I provide a set of 4 excellent content sliders in Photoshop PSD file. These sliders can be coded using jQuery with transition, button or auto slide effects.

30 Cool Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Surreal Photo Effect

30 Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Surreal Photo Effect

Make a Stunning Black & White Falling Scene in Photoshop

In this short and quick Adobe Photoshop digital art tutorial, we are going to let somebody fall down inside a gloomy black & white scene. You will learn how to cut out body parts, add rain to a composition, use Gradient Map adjustment layers and other techniques that are useful in performing artistic photo manipulations.

30 Beautiful Blue Web Designs That Will Attract Attention

Beautiful Blue Web Designs That Will Attract Attention - Color is one of the most important things to consider when designing your site. The colors of your Web site are important because they will define the mood and emotions of your visitors as well as reflect your identity and image branding.

Blue is one of the most popular colors. It is considered to be a "safe" color and signifies intelligence, reassurance, and trust. Blue has also been known to be an appetite suppressant and can signify depression and sadness.There is nothing more inspiring than a blue website !

Compal Web Design

25 Classy Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards - The ever present business card is often one of the ways our clients and our prospects remember who we are and what we do. How can we set ourselves apart? What is a method of business card printing we can utilize to be unique? One very unique way to stand out among the veritable sea of business cards is by using letterpress business cards! Nothing beats the look and feel of these cards.

Beautiful Blind Impression Business Card

Animal Photography : 25 Photographs Captured At Right Time

Animal Photography - Too many photographers press the shutter release immediately after framing the subject in the viewfinder. They fail to wait for the moment of greatest interest or impact. Good timing takes patience and practice, but it is important to the success of any photograph.Here are a few examples of when the timing has been perfect.

Great White Egret, Florida by Sara Lopez

10 Photoshop iPhone Design Tutorials

10 Photoshop iPhone Design Tutorials

How to Create a Realistic iPhone

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a realistic iPhone image in Photoshop.The only necessary skills to get through this tutorial is the basic knowledge of how to use the most common tools in Photoshop.

Colorful Typography : Best Tutorials & Inspirations

Colorful Typography : Best Tutorials & Inspirations

Dynamic Recessed Watercolor Typography in Photoshop

In this tutorial, We`re going to learn how to mix vector elements and watercolor effects with text to create a stunning design. It’s a quick process that depends heavily on good choices of images and colors.

10 Ultramodern Bike Concept Designs

10 Ultramodern Bike Concept Designs

Pluma Track Bike by Nuno Teixeira

PLUMA means feather in Portuguese . PLUMA, is part of recent concepts regarding high performance track bicycles. PLUMA TRACK BIKE is made of carbon/Kevlar body panels, this way the surfaces are lighter,and more impact resistant. The overall shape will help the air flow along the bike body, and increases the athletes security by reducing the number of moving parts and tubes were they can be seriously injured - unfortunately, serious falls are usual during a velodrome track cycling race. PLUMA is a fixed-gear bike, and like all professional track bikes, don´t have brakes.

18 Best Sources To Learn Digital Photography

18 Best Sources To Learn Digital Photography

Jeff Wignalls Joy of Digital Photography Website

Home site of photographer and writer Jeff Wignall. Author of The NEW Joy of Digital Photography and Jeff Wignalls Digital Photography Crash Course. Learn about digital cameras, taking better photos.

13 Best Vector Portrait Tutorials

Here I have collected 13 Photoshop/Illustrator Cool Vector Portrait Tutorials, hope it will be helpful to you. Now let’s start!

Make Watercolor and Marker Style Portraits with Illustrator

With this tutorial, we are going to work through ways of creating digital portrait illustrations that have a unique and somewhat tactile feel of marker and watercolor. This tutorial will focus on using a drawing tablet and Adobe Illustrator. There will be a focus on technique and technical settings, but the overall product will rely on your own personal style and taste.

31 Amazing Rainbow Photos That Will Definitely Wow You

Taking picture of rainbows presents all types of challenges to a photographer. With the varying lighting conditions that they generally appear in, it’s difficult to generalize about how to do it. However, we think these great photographers got it almost spot on.Check out this collection of amazing rainbow photos that will definitely wow you.

Shower by James Puttick

a rare catch, exciting and fascinating

Large Photo Background In Web Design : Examples & Tutorials

Large photo background web design seems to be a trend before, a seamless border which create a very amazing web design yet in unique style of decoration. Large Background Web Design usually use either photography or an abstract illustration to stand out from the other lame web design which limited to the boundary of div, or table.

If you are going to have a photo or image background in your web design, here are some great examples & tutorials of photo background websites for you.I hope you like it.

Medis Web Design