Tilt-Shift Photography : Examples & Tutorials

Tilt-Shift Photography : Examples & Tutorials - I’m sure you have seen some amazing tilt-shift photos – if not, tilt-shift creates an effect that turns normal sized objects or scenes into miniature-like. It is done by special tilt-shift lenses that have very limited depth of field. To start playing with this technique you need to buy a tilt-shift lens, attach to your dSLR camera and start shooting. But what if you don’t have all that expensive equipment? No worries, it’s perfectly easy with Adobe Photoshop!

by night by Oliver Botor

Tilt-Shift Photography

Macro of Geiranger by Patrik Engman

Macro of Geiranger

Tilt-shift Grand Canyon by p.folk

Tilt-shift Grand Canyon

miniature tate modern by Jean Burgess

miniature tate modern

A "Model" Fenway Day by Brian Talbot

Fenway Day

Miniature Jerusalem by roevin

Miniature Jerusalem

toy-Sumo by Ankhbayar Tumurbaatar

toy sumo

Miniature by Thiago Lopes


Nidarosdomen Macro by Ola Endre Reitstøen

Nidarosdomen Macro

Real models by Kenny Louie

Real models

Miniature Ålesund harbour by Patricia Hamilton

Miniature Ålesund harbour

Barcelona seaport by Xavier Fargas

Barcelona seaport

Chinatown by Ed McGowan


Big Miniature World by Sippanont Samchai

Big Miniature World

The Bench, She'sa Tilted by Modest and Jill Janicki

The Bench

Happy Miniature Sunday! by Patricia Hamilton

Happy Miniature Sunday

Football Miniature Tottenham - Manchester United by Glenn Karlsen

Football Miniature Tottenham

Shiny happy people by Kraetzsche Photo

Shiny happy people

Eiffel Tilt-Shift II by Arnar Birgisson

Eiffel Tilt-Shift

Seattle Space Needle "mini" by Cordan

Seattle Space Needle

I used my mad scientist ultrahyper shrink ray on Vancouver - Mwahahahahaha!! by Evan Leeson

I used my mad scientist ultrahyper shrink ray on Vancouver

Small City. Big Nightlife. by Shun T

Small City Big Nightlife

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