20 New Fonts For Cool Typography

There are plenty of fonts available on the web but you need to select high quality fonts. This is also the fact that quality comes with a price but for your good, there are some still great resources available for you to download free and high quality fonts. In this post you will find links to the awesome quality fonts.

St Marie Font

St Marie Font

30 Awesome Fantasy Dragon Artworks

Awesome Fantasy Dragon Artworks - Here we look to showcase some amazing fantasy dragon arts , we look to keep your inspired with these awesome digital artworks.

Bath Time by imaginism

Bath Time

22 Adorable Black & White Wallpapers

Today I have gathered some good and impressive black and white wallpapers and hopefully you will like them all as I do.

White Feather Shield Wallpaper by Thelma1 | download 1024*768

White Feather Shield black and white Wallpaper

20 Excellent Uses of Typography in Minimal Web Design

Choosing the right typography for your website is a very important part of the design process. And as a website is also a communication tool – a very powerful one – you can use the typography to help you on exposing your ideas! Here we will show a selection of very great usage of typography in minimal web design to inspire you to go a little wild on your website typography!

Pline Studios Web Design

Pline Studios Web Design

27 Incredible Marvel Artworks

Here's a few of my favorite pieces from Marvel Super heroes.Enjoy their masterpieces.

Marvel Artworks by Glen Angus

Galactus by Glen Angus

Abstract Photography : 20 Beautiful Abstract Photos

Abstract photography can produce very dramatic images. It relies on our more primal sense of form, color, and curves than it does on detail. The problem is that most photographers tend to think in terms of detail when evaluating photographic opportunities. However, it takes a different way of looking at our world to perceive the abstract photography opportunities that surround us.

Abstract Photography © Ursula I Abresch

primordial soup photography

44 Battle Arts : Outrageously Fierce Battle

44 Battle Arts : Outrageously Fierce Battle.

Searching 2 by Andree Wallin

Searching 2

20 Creative Game Websites Built Using Adobe Flash

Steve Jobs labels Adobe’s Flash a dying technology, but is it?

Mario Kart Wii Flash Game

25 Excellent Examples of Ornamental Typography

Ornamental (also known as novelty or sometimes display) typography are used exclusively for decorative purposes, and are not suitable for body text. They have the most distinctive designs of all fonts, and may even incorporate pictures of objects, animals, etc. into the character designs. They usually have very specific characteristics (e.g., evoking the Wild West, Christmas, horror films, etc.) and hence very limited uses.

Typography by James Dimarco

ornament Typography by James Dimarco

Fire Logo Design : 40 Hot Burning Logos

Here are 40 great examples of fire logo design that should help you come up with your own logo ideas.

ProKon Logo Design by LogoDesigner

fire logo design

40 Comical Caricature illustrations

A caricature can be evil and kind, sharply satirical and humorous. Humour is neither a sermonizing preacher nor a garbage collector, although these activities are always attributed to it. To understand the caricaturist's idea, one should have at least a bit of sense of humour, be ready to smile, to laugh.

Caricature by Mark Jenkins

Daniel Craig

daniel craig caricature

30 Stunning Retro Movie Poster Designs

Retro art used to be associated with the words boring and outdated. Nowadays, modern day designers have found ways to make retro art look fun, fresh, and dynamic. The perfect mix of cool typography, splash of colors, and texture are very effective in catching people’s attention. Let us celebrate this interesting form of art in today’s roundup of 30 stunning retro movie poster design.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

30 Funny Crazy & Creative Print Advertisement That Will Make You Chuckle

Here is a list of 30 funny crazy and creative print advertisements which will definitely put a smile on your face.

Pepsi: Paul(The Obvious Choice)

paul octopus

20 Awesome Colorful Web Designs

20 Awesome colorful web designs - Right use of colour can make a web design stand out but deciding on an effective colour scheme can be a difficult thing to achieve. The following examples all use a number of different colours to create a visual impact which is the first thing a visitor is likely to notice. If the colours blend well together then that initial impact will almost always be a positive one.


Colocation Provider

24 Cool 3D Graffiti Arts

Here are 24 cool 3d graffiti arts ...they are really amazing pieces of art. It takes skill to do tasteful art in 3d.

3D graffiti by graffititechnica

Breathtaking Silhoutte Photography (25 Examples)

Silhouette photography are obtained when you underexpose the foreground subject. Usually, a typical background for such photos is the view of the sky during sunset or sunrise. The typical subject for such photos would be people. The challenge is thus, to find alternative backgrounds and alternative subjects.

The main elements to a silhouette picture are the shape of the silhouette, and the colour of the background. Ideally, both should be interesting to make a striking photo.

man on fire © Shlomi Nissim

man on fire

HTML5 Demo : Showcase Of 30 Beautiful HTML5 Websites

HTML5 is currently being developed as the next major revision of HTML and it is still far away from W3C recommended release date (year 2022 or later). However with the release of Apple iPad, the topic is got extremely heated and almost every web designer are talking-reading-writing-blogging about it.

New Zealand International Arts Festival

New Zealand International Arts Festival

50 Examples Of Beautiful Typography In Packaging Design

Typography lies at the heart of packaging design becauese it's essentially concerned with the dissemination of information.Products have names,descriptors,uses,benefits,variants,ingredients,components etc.All of these details need to be displayed on the pack in a legible manner to enable consumers to read and understand the information they`re looking at.

One Village Coffee Packaging

One Village Coffee Packaging

45 Fabulous Space Arts : Sci-Fi

Space art is a general term for art emerging from knowledge and ideas associated with outer space, both as a source of inspiration and as a means for visualizing and promoting space travel. Whatever the stylistic path, the artist is generally attempting to communicate ideas somehow related to space, often including appreciation of the infinite variety and vastness which surrounds us. In some cases, artists who consider themselves space artists use more than illustration and painting to communicate scientific discoveries or works depicting space; a new breed of space artists work directly with space flight technology and scientists as an opportunity to expand the arts, humanities and cultural expression relative to space exploration.

Space Art By ladyrapid


Showcasing University Web Design

In this showcase, we highlight some examples of university web designs for your inspiration.

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

Awesome Photography Business Cards

We all know how important it is to have business cards that say who we are and what our product or service says. Photography business cards are the way to go.

Aaron Storry Business Card

Aaron Storry Photography Business Card

30 Fresh Examples Of Cool & Creative Web Design

So here’s the list of cool & creative web designs for your inspiration.

Vereniging Adobe User Group Nederland

Vereniging Adobe User Group Nederland

CG Arts : 21 Photorealistic 3D Female Characters

In this collections of cg arts I will be featuring 3d female characters..This is a source of inspiration in my own opinion. Lets go with the list.

Pink Sugar

3D Artist : Olivier Ponsonnet
Visit Olivier Ponsonnet`s CGPORTFOLIO
Visit Olivier Ponsonnet`s portfolio

Pink Sugar

Beautiful and Creative Hand-Drawn Typography

There are many different and beautiful, creative typography which comes in a variety of different forms and styles that are used nowadays . When it comes to typography in web designs, a lot of them are put into place in minimalistic and simple designs. All of which use large, bold lettering on a simplistic design which typically uses no more than 3 or 4 colors. Another option is to use fonts that create a hand drawn effect.

No, No, No, No, No, No by Jared Nickerson

No, No, No, No, No, No by  Jared Nickerson

Landscape Photography : 30 Oustanding Landscape Photos From 1x.com

Oustanding Landscape Photos From 1x.com - Landscape photography is basically photography where you take pictures of mountains and trees and lakes. Some people say that taking pictures of people and man made buildings is not landscape photography and there right unless there in the background to show size. ex. if you are taking a picture of a flower popping out of a side walk then you may want someone in the background to compare size or you can blur the background.

Thors' Well © mm767cap

Thors Well

Free Icon Sets : Juny/July 2010

Colorful Stickers Part 6 Icons | DryIcons

Free Icon Sets - "Colorful Stickers part 6", the new addition of the popular "Colorful Stickers" series, is finally available. We've listened the needs of the many, and composed the set as a compilation of user requested icons.The icons are available in these sizes: 16x16px, 24x24px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px and 256x256px in 32-bit transparency PNG file format. The icons also come in ICO and ICNS file formats in 128x128px size.

Colorful Stickers Part 6 Icons

25 Fresh & Beautiful Web Design Interfaces

25 Fresh & Beautiful Web Design Interfaces.

experimental by tehacesequence

experimental  by tehacesequence

Various Examples of Character illustrations

Character illustration is a huge creative field. It is intimately connected to animation and comic traditions, and has a long history of being used in advertising to both promote products and brand companies.

MORE DRINSCH by Mark Gmehling

MORE DRINSCH by Mark Gmehling

25 Awesome Grid-Based Website Designs

A grid at its barest is nothing more than a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines spaced at regular intervals, but its innate propensity for creating order out of chaos makes it one of the most powerful tools at a designer’s disposal.

In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of creative, beautiful and inspirational grid-based website designs.

Vini Selvanova

Vini Selvanova web design

Beautiful Fantasy Traditional Art Drawings

In general, Fantasy art refers to any kind of picture or sculpture that illustrates the fantastic, unreal or supernatural in a way that makes it seem real within its context.

In this post, I will showcase Beautiful Fantasy Traditional Art Drawings as a source of your inspiration.

Art Drawing by PearlEden

Darkness Bringers

Darkness Bringers by PearlEden

Typography Design : Great Typographic Illustration

Typography Design : Great illustration & Typography - Here is a showcase of some of the most creative typography focused illustrations.

Typography by Theo Aartsma

Theo Aartsma 3d typography

Conceptual Photography : 30 Brilliant Conceptual Photo Ideas

Conceptual photography is, first and foremost, about the concept of the photo. A conceptual photographer is trying to bring some message about to the viewer, be it a political advert or a social commentary or an emotional outcry. There is some level of abstraction, thus, in a conceptual photo: the image is not an explicit example of the concept, but a general expression of the idea.



40 Incredible Photo Manipulations in Advertisements

I think advertisement is driving the whole photo manipulation thing and here are some truly amazing pieces how much you can accomplish manipulating photos.

Público Newspaper 1000 objects of design: Nikon

Público Newspaper 1000 objects of design: Nikon