Landscape Photography : 30 Oustanding Landscape Photos From

Oustanding Landscape Photos From - Landscape photography is basically photography where you take pictures of mountains and trees and lakes. Some people say that taking pictures of people and man made buildings is not landscape photography and there right unless there in the background to show size. ex. if you are taking a picture of a flower popping out of a side walk then you may want someone in the background to compare size or you can blur the background.

Thors' Well © mm767cap

Thors Well

Fimmvörðuháls Eruption 2010 © James Appleton

Fimmvörðuháls Eruption 2010

Fabulous Ice Formations © terry dolle

Fabulous Ice Formations

MIRAGE IN THE FOG © Alessandra Meniconzi


Inba marsh © kouji tomihisa

Inba marsh

reflected ruins © fulviopellegrini

reflected ruins

Shadows and Landscape © Lars Klottrup

Shadows and Landscape

Autumn Sunrise © Gary McParland

Autumn Sunrise

Another day © Matjaz Cater

Another day

Gods Back Garden. © Ian Munro

Gods Back Garden

Force of nature © Hugo Amador

Force of nature

Follow the Flow © Photonook

Follow the Flow

Rough Road Ahead © Sean McCormick

Rough Road Ahead

Shocking Bondi © Timothy Poulton

Shocking Bondi

out of this world © Ursula I Abresch

out of this world

Lake Mystic © Tad Cholinski

Lake Mystic

Canyon Storm © Doug Roane

Canyon Storm

Almost Autumn © John Parminter

Almost Autumn

The Fiery Moor

The Fiery Moor

~Smokey Mountain Fog~ © Marylee Pope

Smokey Mountain Fog

Clouds over lake Naivasha © Piet Flour

Clouds over lake Naivasha

God's Canvas © Drew Hopper

God`s Canvas

Furious © Andreas Edman

Furious ©Andreas Edman

a new beginning © taglia

a new beginning © taglia

The court of heaven "A galley's last stand" © Mal Smart

The court of heaven A galleys last stand

dobra voda © Tais

dobra voda

Shipwrecked © Mel Brackstone

Shipwrecked © Mel Brackstone

Curtains in the Fog © mm767cap

Curtains in the Fog © mm767cap

fisherman friend © pedro alexandre

fisherman friend photography

A Deathly Silence. © Ian Munro

A Deathly Silence