10 Ultramodern Bike Concept Designs

10 Ultramodern Bike Concept Designs

Pluma Track Bike by Nuno Teixeira

PLUMA means feather in Portuguese . PLUMA, is part of recent concepts regarding high performance track bicycles. PLUMA TRACK BIKE is made of carbon/Kevlar body panels, this way the surfaces are lighter,and more impact resistant. The overall shape will help the air flow along the bike body, and increases the athletes security by reducing the number of moving parts and tubes were they can be seriously injured - unfortunately, serious falls are usual during a velodrome track cycling race. PLUMA is a fixed-gear bike, and like all professional track bikes, don´t have brakes.

Chris Boardman's Future Bike by Lewis Rowe

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman's concept for an everyday city bike of the future.
Slim, light, strong.. and smart.

A regular iPhone-type smart device at its heart, so finger print locking, street view maps, warnings, speed, statistics, and auto-inform-police with location if bike stolen is all available as apps.

Just hook your rucksack or bag over the cross bar

Shaft drive from the pedals integrated internally. Solar panels continuously assist the recharging of the default LED lights and iPhone-type device as does a dynamo that kicks in when the brakes are applied.

"hybrid" city bike by Peter Dudas

Electric Bike Concept ver2 by Yuji Fujimura

"Velorian" – folding recumbent trike by Mantas Palaima

Grasshopper Bike Concept Design by David Gonçalves & Studio Namic

Bike Concept Design by Ciprian Frunzeanu

Futuristic Bike Concept Design by Bradford Waugh

I bike Concept design by Reindy Allendra

Eco Bike Concept Design by Victor M. Aleman

The Wheel is composed by six modules, each one has a double pivot in the joints, this allows the wheel to fold and become smaller, the spokes are contained in the inner structure of the wheel, when you unfold the system, the spokes rotate to the center of the mechanism where it attach to the center of the wheel.

The double triangule structure is composed by expandable modules, each one collapses to a smaller dimension and then this modules align by the rotation of the axis in the joint of the structure, to keep in position all the structure is used an special part in a form of an X that aligns all the modules to their position.