Grand Canyon Photography : The Spectacular Beauty of the Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon Photography : The Spectacular Beauty of the Grand Canyon - One of the most photographed subjects on earth, Grand Canyon continues to inspire awe, admiration, and frustration for those who attempt to capture its majesty with a camera.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona by landscape photography -

The strange atmosphere of the picture is due to a very late shot (sun was aready gone) with long exposure (4s).

Onslaught by Leviathor

As promised in my previous image, a spectacular cloud front. From the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, looking towards the South Rim, this storm was brewing all day. The clouds seen in this picture are from the morning this sunset storm roared to life.

Thunderstorm on the Canyon by Pier Luigi Dallimonti

This photo was taken on august 7, 2007 in Bumble Bee, Arizona, using a Sony DSC-F828.

Grand Canyon Sunset by Andreas Adelmann

This week ends with a posting of a picture taken at sunset from Yavapai Point on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. This time you can see more of the Grand Canyon, the gorge of the Colorado River, considered to be one of the major natural wonders of the world than in my previous two postings.

Colorado River Sunset Spires by James Watkins

To observers on the rim anyone riding the Colorado appears as a speck...that is how far away the river bed is from the can observe the river and everything on it..but not well. But, from the top, you can see how the river fits into the surrounding environment and the particularly how it moves through the area. The observer is often tricked into seeing or not seeing based on distance and perception of size......binoculars help......a telescope is better.....being there is the best! To me, it looks like these hills were painted in behind the river...what a contrast with the rough foreground areas with jagged edges and rough appearance. And these ARE the colors..the river color is just right...

Double Arch by Mike Jones

I absolutely LOVE this place!!! After visiting something like 35 National Parks, Arches definitely resides in my top five favorite parks I have seen. It's hard to compare one park to another. They are each so beautiful in their own way, and each so different. But, the top five would have to include Arches.

Grand Canyon Sunset by Dave Arnold Photo

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

The Grand Canyon by Michael Seljos

Just like in most landscape photography, shooting in the very early morning or late evening hours is when you can capture some stunning images. There is a brief period of time when things go through a magical transformation and display colors and shadows that you cannot see at other times of the day. This is particularly evident in the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon by Mark Orfila

This photo was taken on November 27, 2007 using an Olympus SP510UZ.

Right before sunset at the Grand Canyon by Jann

From Desert View, south rim of the Grand Canyon. You can see the Colorado River.

Grand Canyon Sunrise by rs3art

Grand Canyon, South Rim, at Sunrise after snowstorm.

Grand Canyon colors, ligth and forms by José Eduardo Silva

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon Sunset, Thundershower, and a Rainbow by sawdevcin

South rim of Grand Canyon in August. Dramatic thunderstorms with rainbow as sun sets to the west.

The Grand Canyon by Alvin Nic

This photo was taken on May 10, 2009 using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Grand Canyon by Paul Cloutier

Late afternoon storm at the grand canyon from the desert watchtower.

Grand Canyon by Aubrey Stoll

This was a dramatic sunset, taken from Grand Canyon National Park on the South rim. The haze and mist added somewhat to the atmosphere.