500+ Cool Skateboard Designs

100+ Truly Stunning Skateboard Designs

In the month of December I wrote a post titled: 60+ Amazing Snowboard Designs. I started snowboarding as a youngster and have become pretty good at it since. One of the things I never really mastered was skateboarding. While all my friends were playing and riding around with their skateboards, I was on my bike. The one thing I do appreciate about skateboards are the creative graphics on the boards. If you are into product design or just need some inspiration for you next gig, you should definitely check out these truly stunning skateboard designs. Enjoy!

Stunning Skateboard Designs

30 Cool Vector Illustrated Skateboard Decks

The vector format is perfect for design because of its scalability. A small doodle can be stretched to fit a poster, or an even more unusual shape… like a skateboard deck. Long the home of innovative and sometimes controversial designs, skateboard decks make a statement about their owner.Here are 30 very cool examples of vector skateboard deck art with info on the artists behind them, plus some resources to help you get started creating your own skateboard deck art.

40 Beautiful Skateboard Designs

The skateboard has been a favorite medium of artists for decades. Not only does it provide a sturdy surface to paint on, but it offers a great way to have your artwork be seen in the community. Skateboarding culture, which was once looked on as a short-term fad for rebellious teens, has established itself in society.A wide range of artists have opted to put the canvas aside and go with the unique shape of the skateboard as a way to get their artwork out. In this article, we showcase 40 amazing skateboard designs that blend various design styles. Whether you used to skateboard, currently skateboard or have never stepped on one, these skateboard designs will surely lend inspiration.

Beautiful Skateboard Designs

220+ Stunning Creative Skateboard Graphics

T-shirts, album art and skateboard graphics are often used by designers and illustrators as a blank canvas to express their personal creativity, with no limits holding back the creative ideas there are many stunning examples to be seen. This collection of 223 skateboard deck graphics from various designers and illustrators will be sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Stunning Creative Skateboard Graphics

100 Crazy Skateboard Designs

Have you ever seen a skateboard design that you would like to hang it on your wall and never even think about letting it be skated, well here are some of these, a selection of all kinds of crazy skateboard designs that you would think twice before skating on them.

Crazy Skateboard Designs

40 Creative Skateboard Designs You Would Love To Have

This is a little bit different inspirational selection from the ones you are used to seeing here! Kind of different art, but very cool and creative skateboard design solutions you will see here. It’s just amazing what you can put in such small and limited place in the meantime making it look good the way somebody would want to buy it. Definitely masterpiece artworks here! Enjoy!

Creative Skateboard Designs You Would Love To Have