70+ Hidden Secrets Of Logo Designs

25 Digital Logos with hidden numbers – Fun with figures!!

Hidden Secrets Of Logo Designs - Do you really need to be good with numbers in order to become a creative logo designer? Strange question…uh?? You must be thinking “What in the world has math got to do with logo designing?” Well… turns out it does! Aside from the fact that designers need to calculate their expenses, the use of digits is eminent in carving out a logo design embedded with a hidden message.Although, math has never been my area of interest since schooldays but after having witnessed several hidden logos created using digits, I now realize the importance of numbers. One cannot imagine the creative ways in which digits can be twisted and turned into a clever logo design. Sometimes, in the first look we cannot locate a numerical used within a logo design and on a second look you are amazed with this imaginative approach.

hidden numbers used in these 25 digital logos

Popular Logos with Hidden Symbolisms

If you look at the diamond icon on the left of the company’s name, you will see that it spells out Sun starting from any corner. It is a wonderful example of symmetry.

Popular Logos with Hidden Symbolisms

23 Brilliant Logos With Hidden Messages

Logos aren’t always what they seem. Some of these logos can hold a lot of information about the brand, all you have to do is look at the clues. I’ve selected 23 great logos that have some sort of hidden message. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these hidden messages before, but I hope I’ve been able to show you some new ones as well.

Brilliant Logos With Hidden Messages

24 Cool Logos with Hidden Symbols

Some people believe that Pac-Man is hidden inside the LG logo :)

lg logo design