Industrial Web Design : 100+ Gorgeous Music Websites

30 Beautiful Music Websites for Design Inspiration

Industrial Web Design - Music lovers often are sensitive to design. This probably explains why so many music websites are so wonderfully designed and inspiring.In this article, you’ll be able to discover 30 beautiful music websites that stand out from the crowd.

Industrial Web Design

35 Inspirational Website Designs from the Music Industry

Within the music industry there is a great variety in terms of the quality of websites. Some bands have excellent, creative websites, and others have sites that are not so friendly for visitors. In this post we’ll feature 35 websites from the music industry. Some are band websites and others are involved in the music industry in various ways.

Website Designs from the Music Industry

Showcase Of Music Night Clubs Web Designs

The time has come for the first showcase of music night club websites here on Smashing Magazine. We’ve scanned the Web up and down to find the most original and interesting online club identities. As usual, we have Flash websites and CSS eye candy. Please notice that the aim of the post was to showcase current web designs of music night clubs, so the gallery doesn’t necessarily showcase most usable or most beautiful night club web designs out there.

Showcase Of Music Night Clubs Web Designs

The Most Inspirational Music Websites

Music web sites have evolved over time to become one of the most diverse and creative genres of web designs. Every website is unique, has its own purpose, and speaks to its audience in a different way.For web designers, one factor that must always be kept in mind is the target audience of the site you are designing. If you make a music layout for a business site, you’ll end up with problems. This post is an extensive, growing collection of music sites that do a wonderful job of designing for their audience. Every element is targeted to help each site achieve some sort of goal – whether it be ad clicks, CD sales, MP3 downloads, or newsletter subscriptions.

Rihanna web designs

20 Web Design Gems Within The Music Industry

I’ve always been very into music, and so frequently check out music/band related websites. Unfortunately, despite having great content, many websites within the music industry are dull and poorly designed.However, a few musicians and companies live up to the creative nature of the industry and produce some truly awesome website designs. I’ve hand selected 20 of my favorites for you to check out, I hope that you enjoy!

Web Design Gems Within The Music Industry