6 Advanced Jquery Tutorials To Enhance Your Skill

I was going to do a bit of a series, releasing a jQuery tip every day or week or something, but I think I’m a little too lazy to commit to something like that. So I’ve compiled them all into one post! I’ll probably add to the list at later dates so make sure to bookmark it!

Things you may not know about jQuery

Peeling Away the jQuery Wrapper and Finding an Array

If you haven’t poked around under the hood of jQuery, you might not be aware that when you pass the jQuery function an expression or DOM element it places these elements (or, possibly a single element) into an object, and then this object is returned so that it can be chained. Without getting into the details of chaining, the fundamental concept to remember is this:

Extending jQuery’s selector capabilities

Parsing Strings With Jquery

Regular Expressions is a powerful tool when parsing and validating strings. And combining regular expressions with the simplicity of jQuery selectors can create some fast and useful string parsers. This post will show you a couple of really useful parsers that you can use in various environments, or as a base to create your own.

Advanced jQuery

Deep Profiling jQuery Apps

This evening I was playing around with the idea of profiling jQuery applications - trying to find a convenient way to completely analyze all the code that is being executed in your application.

I've come up with a plugin that you can inject into a jQuery site that you own and see how the performance breaks down method-by-method.