26 Awesome CG Monster Character Designs

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CG Art : 26 Awesome CG Monster Character Designs - Well, they’re not all monsters but I’m sure you’ll agree, they are some seriously awesome monster character designs!

DinoMonsters, new breed of superheroes by Damir G. Martin

be sure to visit home of DinoMonsters© on following link: www.DinoMonsters.com

Rebirth Of Thor by Thunder Studio

The fete sacrificed his soul in the old temple under the sea . Thor ,who has been locked there for million years has been waken...Modelated using 3DSMAX 6 and render with brazil.Using ps for texture ,and final composition using photoshop and dfusion

Garkhar- The Orc Warboss by Herbert Lowis

This is my first character for my VFS reel.I designed and sculpted the character to begin with, then fully modeled in XSI 4.0.The render itself is a test using XSI 4.2.

Hoth Encounter by Chris Wahl

A walkthrough of it's creation can be found via my blog.


HammerHead by Sven Juhlin

I decided to make somthing that is not based on a already excisting super hero, let´s make it my own superhero :) Base mesh in Maya and the fine details are made in Zbrush. Rendered in Maya-mentalray

Roughneck Rabbit Mutated by Kai Spannuth

This character is one of four different fighting bunnies I did for a personal concept called RRFC (Roughneck Rabbit's Fight Club - working title).It is a Photoshop CS2 painting based on a pencil drawing.

The Fallen by John Kearney

Hey all, I finally got around to finishing off this painting - it took far too long and I'm glad it's out of the way :D Anyhow, it was painted entirely in photoshop using fairly standard brushes and the original image is 5000 pixels high.

Yeti by Sven Juhlin

after doing a cartoon character i wanted to make something more scary...It was made in Maya and the fine details in Zbrush. Rendered out in Maya - Mental ray

el Feto(the Fetus) by Alvaro Buendia

this is another piece I made for my demoreel at vfs, is the fetus of a strange vicious creature, It's polymodeled in xsi, textured in zbrush and photoshop, and rendered with mentalray, I hope you guys like ti, Im open to any critiques, thank you

Nemesis by Per Haagensen

An in-between-projects painting I did earlier this year. This started out as just a concept design for the beast, but I ended up taking it abit further to a more illustrative level.

Battleogre by Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen

A character concept/rendering practice I did today. His very unpractical armour design is offset by the two weapons and the shield he's carrying. Or something.

Mountain Patrol by Michal Suchánek

The two longtime companions patrol the border of Windy Mountains. They are looking out of their enemy, but nobody has shown up for a very long time.

UNLEASHED FURY by robin benes

Done with 3dsmax,Zbrush,Protoshop and rendered with Vray.FInal touch and putting all together done with photoshop.

Zombie Fury by Oscar Perez Ayala

This is my last work,I did the model in max6,just to define the initial shapes of each model,after that I used Zbrush to polish the models and add detail.The textures were done in Photoshop and I used Vray for the final rendering.

Wired prisoners by Pascal Raimbault

This is a prison where creatures get their head cut off. They are then plugged into a mecha kind of parasite to keep them alive.I was thinking their body could be recycled to create a huge organic thing.I tried to create a wet atmosphere and show a spider web like prison.I used mudbox to create the creature head model.

Stubi //~ Darkness Monster ~ LOTR Look by Steve Jubinville

With the collaboration of my friend Yanick Gaudreau, texture / Lighting and me, Steve Jubinville modeling xsi Zbrush.
The Hybride Logo is there cause we build this image inside the compagnie but is mine.
100% in 3d, no photoshop effect.

Djävulen (the Devil) by Pär Tingström

Djävulen (Swedish for "the Devil") here captured in ZBrush 3 and rendered in Maya/Mr.

Vranaxxas by Gregory Strangis

My big inspiration was from films like Predator and Aliens as well as Creature from the Black lagoon and the Predalien design done by Jordu Schell. I used Zbrush for my rough in and retopo and did the textures all in Zbrush and rendering was done with MR in Maya. My goal was to render it to look like a sculpture or maquette made out of resin.

Dark Templar by CuidongTian

Most of the highpoly is in maya, the body is in zbrush, render by mentalray, and composite in shake. Hope you guys like it.

The Twigman by Davis Lieknins

this is my newest work done in maya, zbrsuh, photoshop. rendered with mental ray.
the character Twigman comes from my cildhood memories when my parents threatened me with 'Twigman' who will come and birch me because of unfinished tasks and messed up room.

Balor by dawei lu

This picture is a character design spend me around 20 work hours.

Inter-dimensional Predator by Greg Petchkovsky

I've finally gotten around to making this more polished image, but its still not everything I meant it to be (I wanted to make the body, and an environment).

Gladiator by Jonas Thornqvist

It's a character Im doing for a longer animation and this is a frame from the longer animation that I just turned into this image.
Model done in XSI and then the some finer details and definition was added in Zbrush.
Textures was made using Zbrush and Photoshop and Final shading and rendering was done in 3dsmax.

Forest Goblin by Caroline Delen

Inspired by Brian Froud's goblins. This creature was modelled in my spare time over the last couple of months. Shaded version of the mesh can be viewed on my site.

Gremlins by damien canderle

I made this charactere as a fan art of the gremlins movies. These movie were really great and i wanted to make one of these monsters in 3D.

baron by Tsvetomir Georgiev

i just wanted to make something like doom baron , i like the design of this creature
inspiration DOOM 3 and Aaron Sims