The Magic Of Macro Photography : 25 Great Examples & Tutorials

The Magic Of Macro Photography - Today’s roundup focuses upon a collection of amazing, shocking and mind-blowing macro photos. It provides great inspiration for amateurs and professionals who are interested in the world of macro photography, and will have you reaching for your macro lens and heading off to shoot… We’ve also gathered a few links to tutorials on how to set yourself up and take some amazing images for yourself.

Heavy load by Audun Wigen

Heavy load by Audun Wigen

Miner Bee by Boris Godfroid

Miner Bee

Fire eyed Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) by Tomas Rak

Fire eyed Damselfly

Neomochtherus pallipes by Mikesi

Neomochtherus pallipes

~ Drip - "?" ~ by ViaMoi


dawn passion by by algo

dawn passion

Looking At The Future by Liel Bomberg

Macro Photography

Refractions of Rain by ViaMoi

Refractions of Rain

There's only one thing stops a hoverfly in mid flight.. by Brian Valentine

podalirio at sunset by Franco

podalirio at sunset

O by AimishBoy

O by AimishBoy

Ruby Tuesday by Haribo's Photos

Ruby Tuesday

Fly without wings by b.neeleman

Fly without wings

Autumn Concert by Magdalena Wasiczek

Autumn Concert

Flower dewdrop refraction #4 with spider by Brian Valentine

Flower dewdrop refraction

Dandelion by Armando


MACRO sessions + Drops by Hugo Provoste

MACRO sessions

Ladybird Traffic Jam by Chris

Ladybird Traffic Jam

teary eyes of a robberfly by Melvin Baroga

teary eyes of a robberfly

ONCE I WAS A PRINCE by Fabio Gismondi


Poppy seed pods by Dragan Todorovic

Poppy seed pods

Morning of September by dralik

Morning of September

Stay Focused II by Sortvind

Stay Focused II

colorglaze by despair


Macro Photography Tutorials