20 Stunning Game Character Concept Arts

Game Character Concept Arts - If the characters in a game have depth, complexity, consistency, mystery, humanity, and charm, then they are going to feel real to the player, and that helps the whole game world feel real, and allows the player to suspend his or her disbelief and get lost in the world. Everything the player does will be more exciting if they're doing it for someone, or with someone, or in opposition to someone who feels real. Simply put, good character design helps the player to have what we all know can be an amazing, unforgettable experience. So without a further ado, here is the list of some inspirational game character concept arts for you. Enjoy!

Inferno-Juggernaut by perzo

Hero Knight by Rusty001

before the storm by len-yan

AVCI by ertacaltinoz

Starcraft: Zeratul by Arsenal21

Majordomo by ABELOroz

blade hunter by suke84

The BeastMaster by noah-kh

The Executioner by allentotingski

ALP by ertacaltinoz

Earth Elemental by stevegoad

armor2 by zzjimzz

Queen of Night Elves CoLoReD by Flycan

Dusk's Hunter by Yue-Iceseal

DW IV Final Illustration by Kid

BIO-EX 006 by Chenzan

Magica by Wolfie-chama

Chaos Librarian by daarken

Lightning Demigod by allentotingski

Valkyrie Armor by DMBoyleDesign