Digital Infrared Photography : 25 Great IR Shots

Digital Infrared Photography - Photography is also affectionately known as 'painting with light'. Basically, infrared photography involves painting a scene with infrared – or at least, far red – light that is not visible to the human eye. This quirky way of photographing a scene, person or object yields interesting results – one of the more popular one is the Wood Effect, where foliage glows brilliant white in your infrared photo due to the way they reflect infrared light.

Here in this showcase, we presenting an amazing collection of Infrared Photography and all of these examples display the names of the photographers, along with links to their websites.

Bridge over the old city bay by Olli Malmivaara Photography

Capitol Exposure by Zach Stern

One step Beyond by Giovanni Orlando

A Better Day by Jeremy Chin

Boathouse by Dave Parry

Lake Tahoe tree by Steven Meyer-Rassow

Princesa do gelo by Bruna Marchioro Azambuja

The Pond by dperry1952

196 by Wee Kelvin

Great Chishill and beyond by davieunited

Taichung Park IR by Ming - Chun

Blowing Cave Mill by Jerry E Shelton

Infra.... Blue! by david keochkerian

Moonlight Serenade by photon tamer

tree along river thames by Steven Meyer-Rassow

Stream by David A. Evans

Pouring Clouds. Through the Prism of Reality by puma100 (Tatyana)

parking by Thaib Chaidar

Migration by David Senechal

Cold Winter by Nuno Milheiro

Seagulls by itan14

Infrared Pink SillyString Tree by La-Vita-a-Bella

Green Cay Infrared with a twist by Ruel Tafalla

Infrared by strelitzia ---

casa loma by paul