Animal Photography : 25 Photographs Captured At Right Time

Animal Photography - Too many photographers press the shutter release immediately after framing the subject in the viewfinder. They fail to wait for the moment of greatest interest or impact. Good timing takes patience and practice, but it is important to the success of any photograph.Here are a few examples of when the timing has been perfect.

Great White Egret, Florida by Sara Lopez

Owl by Jis Jose Photography

Japanese Macaque Swimming by Will Burrard Lucas Photography

Stallions Fighting, South Dakota by Melissa Farlow Photography

The Lincoln Memorial by Matt Hansen Photography

The Flying dog by Franco Ferri Mala Photography

Cautious Landing on Ice by Gary Photography

Tiger Shark by Eldad Hagar Photography

Willy, NO swimming and talking on your cell phone! by Valerie Photography

Tender Love and Care by Araleya Photography

I feel a headache coming on! by Valerie Photography

Silverback Gorilla, Africa by Ian Nichols Photography

rambouillet harfang hilare by jean yves et francis Photography

death walks behind you ! by Andi Aka cloud_nine

Hey Dude..... by thrumyeye

Fearless by Katzilla13 Photography

hello fish by ftourini

Bounty and Pepson by werner666 Photography

For Warmth by grace-note Photography

my umbrella by hellfirediva

takeoff by wzopf

Silly Walk by andreas612

Grizzly Bear by Carol Bock Photography

King Penguins by David Schultz Photography

Grizzly Bear Cubs by Oliver Klink Photography