Print Ads : 30 Creative & Funny Advertising Ideas That Make You Think & Smile

Print Ads : 30 Creative Advertising Ideas - Effective print ads provide a clear message – a reason why potential customers should buy certain goods or use certain services. Having an eye-catching, concise and punchy headline is one of the best ways to get this message across in a print ad, but in all forms of marketing, you should aim to convey one simple, focused message to achieve the greatest impact. In this post , I have collected some of the best creative adverts which could make you think & smile.

Google: Did you mean Battleship?

Délifrance: Ready to bake at home

ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation: Kid

Romanian Road Police, Autoshow Magazine

Terra Viajes: City - Country (Holidays 2)

Xenon: Deer

Jelly's: Dragon

Ricoré: She-Bear

Epson: Ants

Pepsi Max: Periodic table

Tide: Checkmarks

Courrier international newspaper: Moon landing

Alcatraz Live Music: Rock till the end

Height adjustable kitchen lamp

CIN Woodtec: Pinocchio

Rolling Stone: Yellow submarine

Lego: Taj Mahal

Canon Surveillance Camera: Robber

KTM: License Plate

City of Nettuno, Drink or drive campaign, Staying Alive

Today Condoms: Atleta

Mais Printing House: Surgery

McDonald's: Ghost

ENPA Society for the Protection of Animals: Penguin

McDonald's: The M

Fiat 500 Black Jack: Black bear

Ducati for ANCMA: Less than a second

Tooth Avenue Dental Center: Wolf

Nori: Japanese food from 11AM

Asonor: Baywatch