94 Cool 3D Models Characters

35+ Amazing 3D Character Designs

In today’s film 3D animation is a very common part. You pick any good movie you can find at least 15 minutes of CG elements. And for this lots of 3D animators are needed. Actually CG graphics have become popular because it creates a virtual world which is crafted with fantasy. This CG animators create those models so real that its hard to believe if its real or not. For example I hope you all have seen ‘AVATAR 3D’. Here 95% or may be more than that is virtually created that after five minutes into the film you will forget about your own planet (I have).In this article we will showcase some extra ordinary CG characters.

angelina jolie in 3d

21 Raw and Stunningly Realistic 3D Character Models

Most of us are intrigued by the amazing graphical character designs of our all-time favourite animated movies like the Shrek, Monster Inc., Ice Age etc. In fact, CG (Computer Graphics) character designs for computer games makes up an integral part of the gaming process. Much as we often take for granted these creatively detailed designs, there is always a tedious behind-the-scene effort needed to make this characters come ‘alive’ by first creating an animated 3D model.

Gregory Callahans Roller Bunny

14 Creative 3D Game Characters (Girls) For Inspiration

Every one loves to play a game on a PC or Mac. I am also a very fond of computer games, whenever I get free time I used to play a games. I like all 3D characters created in games. Some time I take inpiration from that in my designing.In this post I'm sharing computer 3D game characters for Inspiration. These all are girl characters and very creative in term of designing. I am sure you'll like all of them.

Creative 3D Game Characters Girls

24 Monster-Like 3D Game Characters From DeviantArt

Perhaps,one of the hardest and detailed work is 3D Game Character Development in design world.This is because you need a different imagination and ability to create these kind of characters.Especially the below ones which are monster-like creatures can take months to the last point.Yesterday i talked with one the creators and he said that he spent 4 months to create one of them.Opppss!!!

Monster-Like 3D Game Characters From DeviantArt