Free Font Collection : 195 Beautiful Comic & Cartoon Fonts

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40 Free Unique Cartoon and Comic Fonts

Have you ever feel that traditional fonts are a little too boring and plain for your designs and artworks? Ever wanted to use fonts that are funkier, stylish and fun to look at?

40 Awesome Cartoon And Comic Fonts For Designers

Cartoon and Comic fonts are very popular among the design industrial. These fonts are funny and have unique cartoon styles which able to give a fresh feeling to visitors.We had shared some awesome grunge fonts previously. The article received a lot of comments and our readers like these fonts very much. So, we decided to collect some cool and free comic fonts and share with the readers.In this post, we will look into 40 free cartoon and comic fonts that every designers should look into and collect.

25 free comic fonts

Comic fonts are very popular among designers. These fonts are funny and usually related to children. They always add a fresh feel to whatever you are working on.

35+ Free Comic and Cartoon Fonts For A Funny Design

In a previous post, 20+ High-Quality Free Fonts for Retro and Vintage Design, we collected some useful fonts for your graphic and web works. Again we take a look around for good stuff that could help your design process and here we have selected other free and high quality fonts.

35+ Funky Cartoon Fonts for Logos and Headers

Cartoon fonts are one type of font that rarely get much praise. The problem with them is that by definition, they’re gimmicks. They are never the most legible fonts, I’d never recommend using one for content, and quite often, they just look foolish.But when it comes to creating a memorable logo easily, a good cartoon font can be a great first step. They’re distinctive, look great in large sizes, and can be easily modified and re-colored in Photoshop to make it that little bit more unique.

20 Insanely Cool Manga Fonts

It’s hardly surprising that more and more westerners are becoming interested in creating their own manga-style comics: not only is it a rich and varied art form, there’s a lot of money in it too. The manga market is worth $4.4 billion a year in Japan alone and a further $200 million in the USA.If you want to create your own manga, you’re going to need the right manga fonts, or your work’s going to stick out like a Mickey Mouse cartoon at a dojinshi convention. Fear not, you can choose from any one of the brilliant fonts listed below. Use an all-caps font for your main text, a handwritten font for small text, and a variety of different fonts for sound effects. One last word of advice: avoid Comic Sans at all costs (die-hard manga fans hate it above all else.)