Watercolor Effect in Web Design : Examples Tutorials & Resources

30 Examples of Watercolor Effects and Brush Strokes in Web Design

Watercolor Effect in Web Design - There are many creative ways to use watercolor effects and brush strokes in a web design to make it really stand out. Some of the examples below use the painted effect all over their websites, and some use subtle instances that add the perfect amount of artistic flair.In this showcase, you’ll see 30 examples of watercolor effects and brush strokes in web design.

Watercolor Effect

25 Examples of Watercolor Art in Web Design

Watercolor art is no longer exclusively for the canvas. More and more sites are taking the brush to the screen and incorporating some beautiful hand-painted creations. Intersecting mediums provides a fresh approach to a web design and the look achieved with water color for the web is fantastic. Soft, flowing strokes and smooth pastel colors blend together to leave the appearance of a painted masterpiece.

Watercolor Art in Web Design

Inspiration: Wonderful Watercolor Websites

This article showcases 30+ stunning web designs that make use of the incredible watercolor effect. The showcase is followed up with a small selection of links sharing a few tutorials and watercolor textures and brushes that you can use in your own designs.

A Roundup of 30 Watercolor Effect in Web Design

As kids, we often enjoy blending various colors whenever crayons and other drawing objects are within our reach. Of these, watercolors were by far my favorite. In one stroke or two, new and fascinating colors are created. Enjoy the same experience by using watercolor effects in designing websites and blogs!For designers who are looking for cool effects, we have collected A Roundup of 30 Watercolor Effect in Web Design to help you get started. Take a look at how the swirls and strokes of a watercolor brush is utilized to create stunning effects. Get inspired as you browse through our amazing collection… Enjoy!!!

Best Examples of Watercolor in Web Design

Last week we posted a big collection of photoshop brushes for creating watercolor and other painted effects. These brushes will make your life easier when applying a watercolor style to a design, but you probably want to start by getting some inspiration and seeing how this particular style should be done. In this post I’m showing you, what I believe, are the best examples of using watercolor in web design.

Beautiful Watercolor Effects in Web Design

Web design trends come and go. You should be very wary not to jump on the latest ones that have no real staying power. An over abundance of glossy-iconed 2.0 sites are sure to look really outdated, real soon. I’d argue they already do. However some trends, can look awesome long after the trend has peaked. I think watercolor designs, when done right, are one of those trends.

35 Inspiring Watercolor Effect in Web Design

If you remember a few months ago, we have been featuring different examples of web design like the Character Illustration Websites Design, Paper Websites Design and Flash Websites Design. In continuation of this kind of inspiration, we compiled a new best example of websites on the web to give you more ideas. These are a collection of websites with a watercolor effect concept.

Roundup of WaterColor in Web Design: 25+ Amazing Examples, 50+ Resources And Tutorials

Seeking for beautiful web designs on some web galleries I observed the propension of many designers in using Water Colored Effects to create a colorful and expressive web-sites. This trend has become famous in 2008 but it is still widely used, this for its outrightness and its expressive power.With few simple steps it’s possible to design a very meaningful web layout that immediately puts the reader inside the content.Don’t you believe it? Read Create a Nice Web Portfolio Design with a Watercolored Background in Photoshop.

30 Watercolor Tutorials and Brush Sets for Photoshop

The digital technique of adding a watercolor effect to designs seems to be among one of the more recent trends to sweep the web.

500+ Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

Brush - Watercolor effects are very popular in web and graphic design right now. Achieving an impressive look can be much easier if you have the right brushes to create the watercolor effect. In this post we’ll feature the best brush sets of this kind.