100 Video Game Cover Designs

Top 40 Video Game Covers of All Time

While video game cover art is often as carefully designed as any movie poster, this area of graphic design is rarely given much thought. In this post we’d like to change this by high-lighting 40 brilliant examples of game art and explaining why they are so darn good.

Video Game Cover Designs

39 creative game covers

It is all about the games. Either if you play them online or against the AI, it is about this beautiful virtual world that steals you away from the real world. The interesting aspect for some people, like myself, is what makes you buy a certain game. It’s probably a good review from a magazine/site, a good trailer or the creative cover that you see in the store’s shelf, the one that makes you look closer at the cd/dvd box to search for details about the game. In this article I’m giving you 39 creative covers for games which work on either PC, XBOX, Wii, Playstation or whatever it’s out there.

Beautiful Game Covers

Game covers have a very important purpose: they have to grab your attention. Some of them do this with flashy graphics, others use a minimal approach. A lot of these covers want to be more then just a simple design; they want to be art. Let’s take a look at some game boxart.