Advertisements : 188 Creative Beer Ads

60 Amazing Print Beer ads

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of this holiday that is so closely linked with beer, we’ve pulled together the top 60 malt liquor advertisements.Long known for their great campaigns, beers have led the way for creativity, innovation and lifestyle development. Simply take a look at any Super bowl benchmark ads – most are beer. All of the below ads stuck out for their creativity, marketability and most importantly their ability to get our attention.

Creative Beer Ads

75 Creative and Humorous Beer Ads

Beer ads are interesting to look at. Today we will show 75 modern, creative and humorous pieces from a few famous brands. I love beer, especially Heineken. How about you?

33 Creative and Humorous Guinness Print Advertisements

Guinness, the world famous dry Irish stout, owes its fame not only to its distinctive taste, nor to its simple, old fashioned black-and-white logo, but to its modern, creative, humorous and almost always surreal advertising. Everyone has seen the amazing TV ads, as for the print ads… judge for yourself.

Guinness Print Advertisements

Cool Beer Ads #1 - Heineken

Beer ads are always awesome! They're creative, beautiful, provocative, sometimes funny... Basically, they're great. So based on that and also considering the fact that the Abduzeedo team loves a good beer ... we will start a series showing you some really cool beer ads! And since the beer industry has tons of great things for us to show and we will try our best to show you everything we can, we will split them by kind: style, humor... not exactly sure yet. The only thing we're sure of is that we'll see some great things around here, so stay tuned!

Cool Beer Ads #1 - Heineken