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Blog Design - Some say that web design without typography is like an orange without its peel, it just isn’t complete. Typography encompasses the reality of effective web design and achieves success in creating web page identity, eye-catching sites, and the enhancement of visual appearance.Typography is much more than the “art of text”, it’s the evolution of creativity within simple to intricate web designs. One can say that a good architecture needs great support, the same concept can be applied to web design in the sense that a good blog could do without the use of typography, but an astounding one could use the creative support.

16 Best Typography Blogs

Typography is one of the most important key aspects of any web design project. Among other things, effective typography always manages to achieve some of the important objectives of web projects like corporate identity, attractiveness of the project, enrichment of visual appearance, trust and interest of readers etc. Also it’s helps you to represent the bound emotions of your scratch in front of the visitors. You can show your creativity by the choice of a unique and beautiful typography.

28 great typography blogs & websites

Most graphic designers are true typography lovers, hopefuly the web is full of resources for them. I thought it’d be nice to share some of the type websites that I regularly read. What are your favorites?

30 Blog Designs with Killer Typography

A killer design is one thing – but one that also uses the right typography is (in my opinion) on a whole other level compared to those that just ‘look pretty’. Typography is needed with blog designs because, well, the blog is built to speak your mind, right? So, if your blog isn’t readable then it fails to do it’s job.

16 Inspiring Typography Based Blog Designs

Typography is perhaps the most important element of any site, certainly for a blog or magazine styled site. Good typography should not dominate a page, it should highlight certain areas as well as allowing readers to subconsciously scan the rest of the page and take in the information with ease.There is no magical formula to generate great and inspiring type, but these sites below seems to know about one. Every headline, every single sentence and all the way down to every single letter are perfect.