Design News #2

35 Candy Packaging That Will Tickle Your Sweet Tooth

When it comes to candy, we just can’t get enough. So with Ernestine Ulmer’s saying in mind, I had to go and do a little digging about the best candy packaging I could find.The great aspect of candy packaging, is the limitless options you are presented with. Due to the fun, colourful aspect of candy bars, you will often find many amazing, intelligent designs that capture the users imagination.
However, as with everything, there is also a very elegant, sophisticated avenue that some designers take.Here is our favourite of the multitude of candy packaging design, that really blew us away. Just don’t blame me if you’re feeling hungry once you’re done.

30 Terrifying Examples of Horror Digital Art

Horror and macabre are incredibly common themes for artists, due to the powerful impression that can be made using a combination of color, shadow and perspective. Perhaps the most commonly recognized painting of a horror-style scene is “The Scream”, an expressionistic painting by Edvard Munch. As always, with the advent of digital art, the horror genre has made tremendous leaps forward in the art world.
In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 terrifying examples of horror digital art. Whether the horror and fear is directly obvious, with monsters, demons and blood, or merely insinuated through the clever use of colors and shadows, and character emotions, there’s a great variety of works in both true digital painting form, grunge form, and even line-art form.

Interesting Alcoholic Drinks Package Inspiration – 42 Examples

Package design has attracted in the last period more and more attention. People in the advertising industry attach significant importance to package design because of its impact on purchasers, its presence at the crucial moment when the purchase is made and consumers’ high level of involvement when they actively scan packages in their decision making.People tend to be fans of certain alcoholic beverages (let’s not say addicted) and any means must be used in order to influence the decision of buying a new product. The most interesting one is package design. If it’s looking good, it must taste the same, doesn’t it?

40 Fantastic Pricing Tables for Your Inspiration

When selling a product or service online, a pricing plan is a not simply a portal the user has to click through to purchase their item. It allows you, as the merchant, do drive you’re deal home, and provide alternative deals that will secure you further purchases.It follows then, that the pricing plan’s on your website shouldn’t be neglected, and should offer the most important information to the end-user, in an intuitive easy-to-use way. Below are 40 fantastic examples of pricing tables / plans that show how successful companies are engaging their users in their pricing plans, from simple tables, to feature lists, to make your own plan tools.

6 Free High-Res Grungy Paper Textures

It’s freebie time again, so you must be at Arbenting! Or you know, one of the other sites that might be offering freebies today. Statistically speaking we can’t be the only blog giving something away today. Though, technically speaking that could be heavily dependent on what day you have come to the site, I mean we are publishing on a Tuesday, but given how hectic your week has been, for you it could be Friday. If even this week…what were we talking about again? That’s right, freebies!Speaking of freebies, we hadn’t given away any textures in a while, so Angie decided it was time. Looking through our past texture freebies, she decided she wanted to put together something different and unique from the other sets we have given away in the past. So she crafted some parchment-esque, paper textures for the design community at large. Now without any further ado, Arbenting presents 6 high-resolution grungy paper textures free for commercial and personal use with no attribution necessary.

55+ Stunning Mac Motivated Wallpapers

Today we are with stunning MAC motivated Hi-res wallpapers because we addicted to Apple and also love to use wallpapers as we also sharing with our respected visitors and readers which are really beautiful and creative stuff for your desktop.
Most of People are also very passionate about their wallpapers, especially those themed around their operating system of choice, so we really care about user’s choice and modern world demand about desktop wallpapers, to make the search easier we just choose some really best ever selection as “55+ Stunning Mac Motivated Wallpapers” hope you all really like to use for your mind relaxing and design inspirations.

101 Weird and Creative Examples of Surreal Artworks

Surreal art is in general bizarre or dreamlike art. Surrealist artists tend to compe up with really unique, weird and creative ideas which makes them really popular. I gathered some of the best surreal artworks around (some of them are even considered the best in the world) created by well-known artists like Salvador Dali or Vladimir Kush as well as some great works created by contemporary artists and created this very extensive list of surreal artworks for you!This collection is definitely worth bookmarking because in my view this kind of lists are the most useful while looking for inspiration for your next works. You’ll find here pretty much anything starting from burning giraffes, striking and deformed objects to dreamlike lands and completely abstract things.

Basic Web Page Background Techniques with CSS

The good old background property is one of the core elements we can play around with in our web designs. Here’s an overview of the four most common approaches to styling your web page body, from the basic solid colour through to large detailed background images. If you’re just starting out in web design, you’ll find some basic CSS techniques for you to put into practice into your future projects.

40 Free Vector Barcode Graphics

Not too long ago I posted a really clever font called barcode. Now I am offering 40 free vector barcode graphics that go great with any sales design project. In the download you will find 5 EPS files ready to go.Below the previews is where you will find the free download with the original files. Enjoy!

25 Jaw Dropping 3D Digital Artwork

Digital artwork can be used to reflect wide range of artistic work by using digital technology. There are some designers who have excelled in digital artwork since 1970. You have right to get amazed. So today I have collected 25 Jaw Dropping 3D Digital Artwork for your inspiration. Click on the Name or Image to visit the original link. You should appreciate the designers by commenting on their creations.