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Showcase of Web Design in Russia

This article is the first of our new series “Global Web Design“. Over the next months we’ll be covering various continents, featuring web developers and web designs from different countries of the world and taking a close look of what is happening in the web design scene worldwide. We start today with an article about web design in Russia. We will continue with Ireland (Lee Munroe) and Brazil (Fabio Sasso) upcoming weeks.

45+ Beautiful Web Designs from Germany

There are many German designers and developers (such as myself) using their skills and experience to design and create user-friendly and world-class quality websites. In this web design collection, you will find a fantastic and handpicked selection of creative and successful web designs from "good old Germany".This design collection was inspired by the Smashing Magazine’s "Global Web Design" series (they already have a showcase for Russia and Ireland; you should check theirs out after).

Showcase Of Web Design In The Netherlands

The Netherlands, also known as the “Low Countries,” is a small, crowded, muddy piece of land through which a few big important rivers fortunately run. In this country, you can find coffee shops, wooden shoes, tulips, windmills and a lot of water.And everything is rather small! Well, at least most of the architecture is. How cute is that? But it’s also the land that brought the world many great painters, famous architects, and excellent graphic, fashion and interior designers. We all know Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Mondriaan, Rietveld, Koolhaas, Escher, Droog Design and Viktor & Rolf, don’t we?

Showcase of Beautiful webdesign right from brazil

Here we present you today with the showcase of beautiful website right from brazil.

Showcase Of Web Design In Ukraine

It’s always been of a great interest for me to study how the web design develops in different countries of the world. There are lots of different approaches and techniques and though there are overall network tendencies like web 2.0, big fonts, clean layouts etc there’s always a great opportunity to see something unique. I’m not really sure what it depends on, the country economy, the average age of people, the number of creative people and way of communication. There has been many articles and showcases on the web devoted to Russian designers and design studios and as a rule, we can see a very special styles and approaches. One strange thing just came to my mind: though I live in Ukraine, I don’t know any design studio in here! In the post today I decided to make things right and to make a small research.

Showcase Of Asian Web Designs