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Color Scheme Inspiration: City Lights

After the success of a recent post (New York City: Let The Lights Inspire You), I thought making a post based on color schemes of city nightlife photographs would be a great idea, so here we go!You can view more by the photographer by clicking a photograph, or to download the color palette just click on the palette image. If you like the post please do let me know so I can do more like it in the future!

Color Scheme Inspiration – Giant Thanksgiving Parade Balloons

This round of color palettes was inspired by one of the parade’s favorites — the giant balloon characters. Over the years, there have been a number of interesting characters to float over the city streets. As you’ll see below, it often takes entire armies of people just to keep the balloons under control. Inspiration comes from weird places, and this is just another great example.

Color Scheme Inspiration – Graffiti

This round of color palettes comes from the underground world of graffiti art. They may lower property value, but there’s plenty of design inspiration to make up for it!

Color Scheme Inspiration – Rainy Day in the City

This round of color inspiration is braving bad weather and taking to the streets of cities around the world. Here are some palettes that won’t run when wet.