Interview : 15 Interesting Interviews With Brilliant Web Designer

Interview with Nick La

I’m a Toronto based illustrator and designer. I run: N.Design Studio, Web Designer Wall, Design Jobs on the Wall, Best Web Gallery, and IconDock. I was first introduced to Adobe Photoshop by my high school art teacher and then I decided to get into graphic design. I attended Humber College for a two-year program, Advertising and Graphic Design. My web and CSS skills are self taught from online tutorials, books, and experiments.

Interview with Nick La

Interview with a Software Engineer Kurt Wilms

As a web designer myself, I have found that other web designers I talk to always have favorite websites they go to for inspiration. Not saying they want to copy a specific website, but there are just some site’s that “stick” and really inspire you to create web designs. For me, this was when I first found the site in 2007. It has gone through many design changes since then, but it’s still one of the most successful startups for websites in the CA area, and it’s fame is very impressive.

Interview with a

Ask the Expert – Speaking About Startups with Collis Ta’eed of Envato

Ask the Expert is a popular and on-going interview series here on Design Informer. In this edition of Ask the Expert, I had the chance to email Collis Ta’eed and ask him some questions regarding Envato, the popular web startup.

Startups with Collis

Starting and Growing a Design Blog with Design Informer’s Jad Limcaco

Hello everyone! This week I had some time to sit down with Jad Limcaco. Jad is the guy behind Design Informer, a relatively new design blog that has been publishing some really nice content. I wanted to talk with Jad for a couple reasons: 1) because his site was new and; 2) because the quality of his site’s content was so good that I thought that he would be a great person to talk with about starting a new design site. The result was a pretty solid article about starting and growing a design blog.

Jad Limcaco

Ask the Expert – Design Discussion with James White

James White is a graphic designer from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. His personal art and design ambitions has landed him in many worldwide creative publications such as Computer Arts magazine, Computer Arts Projects, Advanced Photoshop magazine, Wired UK and the spanish DT Platinum magazine where he was included in their ‘21 People of the Century’ article. Additionally, James was also named as the Best Visual Artist in The Coast’s ‘Best of Halifax 2009’ readers poll.

James White

Interview with designer and blogger Chris Spooner of Spoongraphics

I'm Chris Spooner, a designer and blogger who runs Blog.SpoonGraphics and Line25. I write random design related articles for inspiration, as well as plenty of tutorials covering Illustrator, Photoshop and website design.

Chris Spooner

A close look at the Creativity of Illustrator Pasquale D’Silva

Every now and then we all come across a designer who takes us by surprise, and reminds us what it means to truly be a creative person. This is exactly how I felt when nearly 2 years ago I came across the work of Pasquale D’Silva.

Interview with Soh Tanaka, Highly-Skilled Web Designer and Front-End Developer

Soh is a passionate, high-skilled, Web Designer and Front-End Developer. He produces usable and aesthetically pleasing designs using XHTML and CSS structures.
He is a tutorial writer. You can find his articles on Soh Tanaka Web Design Blog, and Noupe. In 2009 he has also launched Design Bombs, a fantastic Website Gallery.

Interview With Jacob Gube, The Man Behind Six Revisions

I have had the pleasure of connecting with Jacob, the man behind the very popular design blog Six Revisions, on multiple occasions through various social sites and I recently interviewed him for SpyreStudios. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview with Jacob! Make sure you stop by in the comment section and feel free to ask Jacob questions! :)

Designer's Studio: 7 Amazing Premium Wordpress Theme Designers Explain

The WordPress following could be compared to the one of any given religious group. The annual WordCamp conference in San Francisco is perhaps as close as one can come to a revival meeting of the tech-savvy. And by the core of this community stand the ones who have dedicated their whole portfolios and businesses to develop some of the most sold, used and appraised WordPress themes - The Premium Wordpress Theme Designers.

Interview With Steven Snell From Vandelay Design &

I first connected with Steven back when I used to run Freelance Folder almost 2 years ago (Steven wrote some great articles there) and we’ve been in contact ever since. Here’s the interview I did with Steven recently, I hope you like it! Make sure you stop by in the comment section and feel free to ask Steven questions! :)

An Interview with CSS Mastermind Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier is a popular figure in the design community, well known for his blog over at CSS-Tricks and his general all round expertise with CSS and jQuery. I caught up with Chris and asked him a few questions about how he got started with his popular blogs, and to gain an insight into his latest ventures.

Interview With Tony Chester of OnWired

A couple of weeks ago I was very honoured to have Tony Chester of OnWired agree to do an interview with me for this blog. You may have noticed that for the first time since launch there was no new post this last Monday, and whilst I doubt you’re angry enough to come after me with a butcher’s knife – the reason was that I’ve been busy preparing this one, and believe me it’s worth it! Tony has gone into a LOT of detail in his answers and I personally found the whole thing very very helpful, but read on, and see for yourself.

15 Essential Interviews For The Creative Community

We made a selection of inspiring interviews with outstanding personalities, must reads for every freelancer, designer, webpreneur, & co. There are at least 100 things we could learn from this guys, so sit back, relax and open your creative ears :]

Essential Interviews For The Creative Community