6 Useful Jquery Tutorials For Playing With Twitter API

Create a Fun Tweet Counter With jQuery

n this tutorial, we will look at using jQuery to call Twitter’s API and then use the results to create a widget for a blog or personal website that shows what hours during the day we tweet at the most.

A jQuery Twitter Ticker

In this tutorial we are going to create a pure jQuery & CSS twitter ticker which utilizes Twitter’s Search API. It will show your or your friends’ latest tweets, and will not require any server side code or databases. As a result, the ticker will be easily included into any web page and easily modified to your likings.

jQuery Twitter API plugin

You might have noticed that I am talking and spending more time on Twitter lately. I have been helping Twitter users with their jQuery related questions and problems as well. If you are using Twitter and have some kind of jQuery related question I will be happy to help.

How To Get Digg, Delicious and Tweet Counts Using jQuery

Majority of online services allow you to access some of their data through public API methods. Unfortunately most of the data formats served by these APIs can only be accessed using server side code. This is mainly due to JavaScript’s same origin policy, which restrict it from loading data from remote sites.

Using the Twitter Search API

Twitters new search feature is great for finding interesting people and topics to follow. So i wrote a script to get search results from twitter and display them on your site. This could be integrated into an existing application or used standalone to follow a particular topic or keyword on twitter,

jQuery – PHP & Ajax with the Twitter API

So for today’s blog post I am going to show you how you can use jQuery, PHP and a little ajax to connect up to the Twitter API and return results. I’ll cover off unauthenticated calls today to the search API, and follow up with the authenticated piece a little later, so watch out for that!