Tips : 7 Best Web Design Tips You Should Read

What Every Designer Should Do Right Now

While trying to balance the different areas of our life, there are things that we often forget and neglect to do. With today’s fast-paced society and the busyness of our every day, we tend to overlook some important things. I would like to remind every designer today about some of these tasks that we often put-off but are so important and necessary to get done.

Ten Biggest Web Design Mistakes

You shouldn’t fill every empty space, having a white space or two will make a better overall impression. For example, scanning a webpage is harder if every paragraph is interrupted with ads and images. Empty areas between navigation, photos or text are visually important.

How to avoid your Creativity Burnout

Creativity is a mental process involving the discovery or associations of new ideas or concepts, fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. Where does this ‘Creativity’ come from? Is everyone creative? If not, what is stopping them from being so? These are some of the questions that always strike our mind when we talk about being creative. From what I have learnt from my experience in graphic designing and blogging, everyone is creative. It is not a born trait or something which only experienced artists can boast of.

The Secret Behind Great Designs: A Young Web Designer’s View

As web designers, we all want to create beautiful websites that get noticed. We want our designs to look great and stand out from among the rest. So how do we get the experience and the skills needed to create amazing designs? In this article, we will let you in on a little secret that can greatly impact your path to becoming a great designer.

8 Design Elements Your Blog Should Have

There are certain design elements that all blogs should have to keep readers happy and engaged in your content. With the evolution of blogs and social media sites, the expectations for a blog are much higher. Readers expect to be able to read a post and have the ability to quickly comment and share by using the Twitter or Facebook accounts.

How to Effectively write a tutorial

In one of my previous articles, I shared with you my opinions and viewpoints on How to effectively write a design article. I was quite pleased with the feedback I received. I think there are more people out there who need to be made aware of how to write a tutorial on Photoshop or Illustrator. Once this is learnt and mastered, it is quite evident that the tutorial is going to reach out to many people than it would have done if you don’t know the basic protocols to be followed while writing a tutorial.

Cross-Cultural Web Design: Best Practices for Building an International Website

Globalization is one of the biggest business buzzwords of the 21st century. Companies of all sizes can operate internationally, thanks to the advent of the Internet era and affordable methods of online marketing, communications and networking.