250+ Web Design Inspirations : iPhone

38 Mobile (iPhone) Sites

As you may probably know mobile design is getting more and more popular, particularly the iPhone design. Almost every popular website or web app offers a mobile version now. In this post, I’ve collected a list of 38 nicely designed sites (ranging from personal, blog, portoflio, editoral, web app, etc.) that are optimized for iPhone. I hope this list will come in handy when you need to design a mobile site for yourself or clients. Now have you iPhone ready and enjoy the list.

80+ iPhone Inspired Website Designs For Your Inspiration

So Again, Inspiration is something different then copying or stealing. Of Course, they are related to some extant but there are enough talk already happened in past to draw the lines in between. It’s also often heard by designers that “Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal“. No one knows for sure as some people believes that “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination”

25 Great Examples of iPhone Optimized Sites

During the weekend I decided to work on the iPhone version of Abduzeedo. Firstly I thought that only a few tweaks in the CSS file would be enough, but it was a bit more complicated than that. However, there are quite a few ways to create a nice iPhone version for your site using services like Mobify.me. In my case, I decided to build a new Drupal theme from scratch.

50 Inspiring iPhone Application Websites

One thing that many of the iPhone application websites have ‘in common’ is their beautiful and inspiring design. They simply look amazing. The colors are great, the typography is classy, the photos, spaces and reflections are astonishing. The websites are so visual appealing that it is very good to browse around to get inspired and also to find a cool app for you (in case you have an iPhone). And as I’m always looking around for inspiring sites, I found that making a selection of iPhone app sites would give us a great list! So here we are… with 50 samples of beautiful, classy, stylish and many times minimalist websites designs. Here you will find inspiration in many different subjects of web design – such as typography, colors scheme, textures, layouts, images disposal and so on. So sit back and enjoy these pretty inspiring websites!

35 Beautiful iPhone App Website Designs

I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s design. As a web designer, I’m sure that many of you are. When Apple released the iPhone and iPod Touch, thousands of apps hit the app store. As a result, web designers started creating sites for Apple apps. These sites promote, give information about, and help sell these apps. In this showcase, you’ll find 35 beautiful handpicked app websites.

20+ Amazing iPhone App Websites

How do the latest and most sought out iPhone applications stand out from the rest? By developing an incredible website design that displays these applications in the best possible way. Many of these sites are clean, run smoothly, and are organized for a better user experience. Below you will find 20+ Amazing Site Designs of Exclusive iPhone Apps for your inspiration. Feel free to comment on any of these designs, or provide a link to one we might of missed.