350 Gorgeous Twitter Background Designs

100+ Incredible Twitter Backgrounds

As the Title suggests these are the Best designed, kickass Twitter Backgrounds! I know that I cannot make justice to this I might have missed out some great ones, so do comment and let us know!

115 Cool Twitter Backgrounds

Cool Twitter Backgrounds included in this post are great deal of inspiration and perfect addition to our Twitter Background Design Guide. As Twitter is growing and thousands of new users sign up for Twitter, it becomes more and more important to stand out and use unique Twitter background as a part of online identity. In this set you will find different kinds of Twitter Backgrounds: illustration, abstract, photography, information, creative. If you have a cool Twitter backgrounds not included in this collection, please add it in the ..

100 Creative Twitter Backgrounds Featuring Illustration

If you’ve ever created a Twitter account and customized it with some text, you would have discovered that the amount of text that you can display to describe yourself is very limited.This is where designing, creating, and publishing a creative Twitter background and using it as your billboard comes into place.Many designers and creatives utilize actual illustrations and images that will attract the viewers’ attention. By capturing a reader’s imagination in the process, illustrative backgrounds will most likely remain within their memory for a longer period of time.

Inspirational 50 Twitter Backgrounds Showcase

Twitter background design is one of the most important things, you can change in your account to attract new followers. We only can change little things in Twitter so why we don’t put there the best we can? Let’s change our background right now, but before we do that – time for you to get inspired!