62 Creative Office Design Ideas

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Creative & Modern Office Designs Around the World

Gone are the days when offices were typically cubicle, surrounded by white walls and lit by white fluorescent lights. Thanks to corporate giants like Google and Pixar that have demonstrated tremendous success despite their unconventional workplaces, more people are embracing the idea that creative work environment helps stimulate minds and inspire innovation. From simply ditching the crisp white walls for graphical wallpapers to a total overhaul of the office layout, we are all trying to break the mold and introduce a unique working environment to the team, and hopefully inspire some genius ideas along the way.

15 Awesome And Inspiring Offices

My parents always said I have to choose a job where I’d be happy to go to everyday. A good work environment can really make a job more fun. Some companies really go the extra mile to make their employees happy. They often do this via a kick-ass office design. Let’s take a look at 15 beautiful workspaces.

Work is Beautiful: 10 Amazing Offices Around the World

It’s a sad truth, but most of us spend our work days in terribly uninspiring environments. Those fluorescent panels, cookie cutter cubicles and motivational posters may be soulless, but design sensibility often carries a premium that is slashed from the bottom line of Big Business. There are some progressive companies, however, who push the envelope of design to provide their employees with a truly invigorating work environment. To celebrate the office as a place where work can be beautiful, here are 10 of the most amazing office spaces in the world.