Design News #4

Revealing the Details of the Redesign

About a couple of months back, I redesigned my blog. The whole process took many hours to finish. Well, two weeks ago, I thought it was about time to apply that same redesign process to my personal portfolio, which had become a little outdated and neglected. I don’t know about you, but when I get a project that I want to finish, I sometimes go a little overboard with it. As I’m writing this right now, I can barely keep my eyes open and it is only 7pm (I slept at 6am and went to work at 9am). Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working on nothing but this portfolio redesign. In this blog post, I’d like to go over some of the details of the new design as well as share a little bit of the thinking and process that went behind the making of this portfolio.

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Creative Footer Design: 60+ Excellent Examples

A perfect layout, A Good Design and Nice resource can produce a creative output. Layout, textures and patterns are used more often than one may think but the outcome of different combination can result verity of designs.One of the interesting trend which I noticed recently is using a attractive footer to provide a perfect ending to your website’s presentation. Modern age designers love to experiment with things and observe how people interact with their work. Even though this is not a common trend to follow but still as the new design styles come up, and as more and more designers notice them and make use of them in their work, this kind of new trends emerge.

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20 Free Font Websites Everyone Should Visit

Why pay for a font when you can get an equivalent one for free? Designers occasionally offer their wares for public use, all you have to do is find a font to match your need – and there’s no shortage of them!Here is a collection of the best font repositories where you can find a font for nearly every need under the sun.

20 free fonts

40 Various Examples of Round Edge Business Cards

Business card serves as a connection for your clients to your business. And for this to connection to be effective, your card must be differing from the others. Round corner business cards can give you this uniqueness without spending as much. Depending on how you design it, it can enhance your business card and make it efficient for your business.For our next collection, we will be showcasing 40 Various Examples of Round Corner Business Cards. We have collected different kinds of round corner business cards that have been designed by different designers around the globe. Take a peek and we sure hope these will inspire you for your upcoming business cards.

Round Edge Business Cards

30 Jaw Dropping Poster Designs You Can’t Miss

Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and convey information. They are a frequent tool of advertisers (particularly of events, musicians and films), propagandists, protestors and other groups trying to communicate a message. Typically posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text.
This post showcases 30 outstandingly creative and inspiring posters from designers all over the globe.

Poster Designs You Can’t Miss

Inspiration: Creative Images and Visual Experiments

Like many other designers, are often looking for graphics and pictures to inspire and make my creative projects: a particular test, an original effect of a gallery for photos, designs and colors for customers outside the box eccentric … anything, provided it is able to hit immediately and visually effective.In the time I picked up several “visual experiments” created by designer / photographer / whatever on duty, some because they were able to intrigue me, because others have inspired me for some work. However, regardless of how I (or I) made, each of these projects I have been very stimulating for the imagination and at the same time, reminded me that art is above all want to get involved and originality (and maybe a little dose of madness, why not).

Creative Images and Visual Experiments

60 Creative Laptop Skins

Laptop Skins are gaining in popularity as the give our laptops a unique feel and help protect our laptops from damages. There are a lot of sites and companies out there selling laptop skins. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, patterns and designs. In this post, we will look at 60 slick laptop skins which are well designed, and super inspirational.

60 Creative Laptop Skins