100+ Excellent Examples Of Lighting Effects In Web Design

35 Examples Of Masterful Lighting Effects In Web Design

Using a light source the right way can add dimension and beauty to a website design. Strong light sources create a stark contrast between light areas and shadows in a design, making the elements look more realistic and dimensional and less flat. Some websites opt instead for a dim light source to create a soft glow around particular areas of the website, to attract the eye more subtly.

44 Websites with Light Effects

A showcase gallery of websites with Light Effects for design inspiration.

25 Websites with Lighting Effects

Lighting effects are often used in modern web design to give a site an interesting and different look. Several months ago I published 40 Photoshop Tutorials for Lighting and Abstract Effects, which includes plenty of tutorials that can help you to get this type of look in your own work. Now, I’d like to share this gallery of sites that are putting those techniques into practice.

40+ Absolutely Stunning Use of Light Effects in Webdesign

Lighting effects are often used in modern web design to give a site an interesting and different look and feel. There is something about strong lights and colours – used right the combination will catch our attention and affect our emotions in certain ways. Skilled designers know this and use it. Light effects are typically used on dark designs as they may the effects stronger – just like we are saving the best fireworks until darkness falls.

13 Fresh Websites with Lighting Effects

The trend of today’s web design and development includes an extraordinary way of making them stand out with other and existing websites. Some website uses horizontal orientation to be a big different to others. Also you might have seen lots of examples of website that has a illustration backgrounds, creative headers and footers, and extra different color combination.