Website Inspiration : 174 Paper Websites

44 Amazing Examples of Paper Websites Design

I really like paper design concept web sites. You can show creativity using this concept and lots of designers already have done that and still new design are coming up. As its the hottest trend right now on the net i tried to showcase some of the most inspiring web designs.

40+ Beautiful Examples of Paper Websites Design

A Paper Web Design concept is also one of the hottest trend right now on the net. In Continuation of showcasing some of the most inspiring web designs, here is a collection of 40+ Beautiful Examples of Paper Websites Design. This list are some of the coolest websites using paper as a part of the design.

25 Super Cool Paper Inspired Website Designs

One of my favourite ’styles’ in web design is one that takes inspiration from traditional media such as paper and cardboard. Using scans and images of paper provides an informal, cut-and-paste collage feeling to the design giving the site more of a personal and hand-crafted image – quite opposite to the clean and shiny trend of other web design styles. Here are 25 good examples of this super cool paper based effect put into practice.

25 Examples of Creative Paper Use in Web Design

The use of paper and card textures in website design gives a low-fi appearance with a rough cut-and-paste and unpolished style. This hand crafted look works wonders with web design, adding a personal and informal feeling to the design. Check out this collection of 25 of the best examples for your inspiration.

40 Inspirational Paper Made Website Designs

Innovation and Creativity has no boundaries and limitations. There are many sources of inspirations around us. Things that we generally see around us sometimes inspire us so deeply that we try to relate and connect them in our work. Same is the case with Website Designing. Designers got inspiration from paper and they made it as a concept in their website designing. Now we can see so many paper inspired Websites. Nobody could have ever thought that taking paper or cardboard as a design element can look really amazingly beautiful and elegant too. Paper has been used as a page background as well as navigation menu background.