560 Inspiring Movie Poster Designs

51 Inspirational Vintage Movie Posters

Movie Poster Designs - In the pre-Photoshop days, designers used classic designs and hand drawn art to make some of the best movie posters of all time. Image editing software helps a lot with the creative process now; but today’s digital artists can still learn a good deal from studying vintage poster designs that worked, and still do.

30 Amazing Typographic Movie Poster Designs

You must have seen many articles on typographic posters but during my search i wasn’t able to find any post on typographic movie posters. So i thought why not compile a list of typographic movie poster designs for your inspiration.

50 Hottest Movie Posters Of All Times!

Movie posters are informative and creative, love for colors, layouts and typography existed way back! These movie posters have many elements placed and presented at its best! Here we present 50 most creative movie posters which spell out creativity and information in their own style. Find out what keeps them cool and unique from others! Enjoy

50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland

When I’m not geeking out over design you can probably find me geeking out over film. I spent a good 7 years of my life working behind the counters of various video stores across Western Canada and consider myself an avid film nerd.

60 Awe-Inspiring 60’s Movie Posters

Once again here is another decade’s film posters, this time the 1960’s. What is truly awe inspiring about these posters is they are all originally drawn and painted by hand, no Illustrator or Photoshop here. Tomorrow there will be a tutorial and next week we’ll continue this movie poster series.

40 Creative Fonts On Movie Poster For Your Design Inspiration

Here are showcase of 40 Great Fonts On Movie Poster.

22 Brilliant Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials

Movie Poster are very important aspect when promoting a film, where there is less concern for readability and more potential for using images in an artistic manner. Below, you’ll find some of the Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Movie Posters Art which might help you will have all of the skills neccessary to make your own hollywood style movie poster in no time.

50 Beautiful Movie Posters

Movie posters are art and, unfortunately, the forgotten one. In the early years of cinema history, they were used just like advertising material. Displayed in theatres only, movie posters had the same function as a menu in a restaurant: what feast can I enjoy this evening? Nowadays, movie posters play a big role in cinema memorabilia collection. They have lost the “informative” tone to wear a more artistic and decorative dress. We want to change it with this post.

20 Sports Movie Poster Designs

Sports films are always packed with lots of action and excitement. Fans line up at movie theaters to watch films that revolve around their favorite sport. I personally love watching sports films not only for their heart-thumping scenes, but also for their inspiring stories of triumphs and hardships.

60 Extremely Creative Movie Posters

In this post I will present you a showcase of 60 creative movie posters. I came across many sites and found very useful information and gathered all here. So, almost everything has a different colors, style, genre and graphical approach. Basically a film poster is a poster used to advertise a film. There may be several versions for one film, with variations in regards to size, content and country of production of the poster. It usually contains an image with text, though this has evolved over time from image-free bill posters through to the highly visual digital productions of today.