Logo Designs : 275 Beautiful Logos

40 Fresh Amazing logos for your inspiration

Logo Design Inspiration - Looking for inspiration? Below you’ll find a collection of 40 new and amazing logo designs to inspire you. Amazing creative methods, colors, shapes, and typography make these logos deserve all attention. Hope you will produce some unique ideas of your own by going through the list below! Feel free to pick out your favorites and add links of some logos that also deserve to be in this collection. Enjoy!

35 Beautiful and Artistic Logo Designs

A logo is the most important component of brand and also the hardest part to execute. A logo is a reflection of a business’s credibility. A logo is vital for creating a great brand identity and you should be careful when picking one for your business.

40 Brilliant Type-Only Logo Designs

Logos do not always have to include some type of symbol or icon to be effective. When done well, using type only to create a logo can be very effective in representing a company. These types of logos often cause particular typefaces and letter styling to become synonyms with a brand. Here we’ve rounded up 33 brilliant type-only logo designs for your inspiration. Be sure to click the images to learn more about each logo.

60 Effective Use of Trees and Plants in Logo Design

Check out some effective use of trees and plants in logo design.

100 Creative and Smart Black and White Logo Designs

When a good logo designer starts creating logos,he must have in mind 2 aspects:“Be Creative and Think Smart!” Also,the result of a clever logo design is its simplicity. Building the logo in black and white, the design become a brilliant one.
Take a look at these 100 examples of brilliant,creative and very smart black and white logo designs and be amazed by their simplicity.!

Inspirational Showcase Of Colorful And Multicolored Logos

One of the first things that influences the human mind for decoding a message is the color. From red, to green, to blue every color evokes sensations, emotions and hidden meanings that our brain decodes, providing a particular information to us.
Below a short introduction from AboutLogoDesign.com about the color psychology, to understand better what we want to say.