Unique & Creative Cassette Tape Artworks

Amazing art made with old audio cassette tapes

I’ve got 2 large boxes completely full of old cassette tapes (remember those?) in my closet. There are probably over 400 tapes sitting there, degrading, losing their magnetic information, slowly dissolving into silence, or perhaps more correctly, white noise.

11 Cassette and Film Tape Artworks

Atlanta–based artist Erika Iris Simmons, 26, who signs her work “Iri5,” began studying art after a post-college trip to London, where the artwork, she says, "is so young and fresh and urban and in-your-face." She found inspiration in the works of Ken Knowlton and Vik Muniz as well as other artists known for "making beautiful portraits out of weird stuff," and soon began experimenting with different materials, often picking up whatever she could buy for $5 at Goodwill. "I knew that being an artist is not what you have, it's how you use it, and so I just went from there," she says.