201 Creative Cake Designs - Does this sound yummy?

25 Crazy Cake Designs

Creative Cake Designs - know what you thinking, cake designs? Yes, and they are so creative and well designed that I had to share with you. These cakes are in every shape, form, and color you can imagine, making this so delicious desert a piece of art. Check it out!

Crazy Cake Designs

28 Creative and Amazing Twilight Cakes

What better way to show your love for Twilight than with a cake? Here is a collection of 28 amazing Twilight cakes for birthdays, release parties, and Sweet Sixteens. Which is your favorite? Know of any others we didn’t find?

Creative and Amazing Twilight Cakes

61 Incredible Birthday Cake Ideas

These super-easy birthday cake designs are made with candy and cakes you can buy from the supermarket. Click on any of the pictures to get birthday cake decorating ideas, cutting diagrams, and step-by-step instructions for how to make all of these cakes.

Incredible Birthday Cake Ideas

15 Amazing Nintendo Cake Designs

Geeks love their gadgets! Especially when it comes to Nintendo lovers, they will go crazy even in making every occasion in their life Nintendoish. There is a growing demand for geek inspired cakes and Nintendo cakes top that list!. Hence, we took a dip in to the pool of photos and came out with 30 best Nintendo cakes that you can choose from!

Amazing Nintendo Cake Designs

27 Beautiful and Creative Cake Designs

Beautiful cakes and creative cake designs from all over the world.

Beautiful and Creative Cake Designs