Web Design Inspiration : 149 Unusual Black and White Web Design

A Beautiful Showcase of Black and White Web Design

Black and White Web Design - Most people think of black and white images and film being something of the past; but most people are in a different world to us that appreciate good design. I must see at least a few designs made up from pure black and white with maybe a splash of color every day - on the internet, in magazines, and when browsing the shopping center stores.

Black and White Web Design

57 Beautiful Black and White Websites

Black and white is often considered a boring, unadventurous palette, but as these examples show, that couldn't be further from the truth. Many designers find the simplicity liberating - it lets them experiment with design without the distraction of too much color. Here are some wonderful examples of black and white websites, from graceful, well-organised, typographic layouts to high-impact, maximum contrast designs.

Beautiful Black and White Websites

Web Design in Black & White

Black & White doesn’t have to be boring. Monochromatic color schemes can be used with just about any color, but some of the most striking are in black & white. By cutting out color a website relies more heavily on other design elements – such as layout or typography, etc..

30 Black and White Websites

We recently showcased Very Colourful Websites , so now I think it’s time to give the opposite “colour” scheme some time in the spotlight. By opposite of course I mean Black and White. I find it very fascinating and inspiring when website designers take the Black and White design scheme approach, in a web marketplace of sensory overload with vibrant colours and techniques. It’s great to see that some designers still believe in Less is More.

20 attractive and Striking Black and White Websites

The possibilities for color in web design in 2010 are a long way from the limitations of the Web Safe Palette of a few years ago. Rather than being limited to 216 colors as we once were, we now have millions to choose from. But sometimes, distancing ourselves from all those options and designing in good old Black & White can result in some striking work.